Entertaining Kids on Modified Bed Rest During the Summer

Since the beginning of July I have been on modified bed rest.  Did I mention, I have 3 children ages 13, 9 and 3 and that is well…. a JOKE!!  Here are some things I have been doing to keep them busy, and keep myself off my feet as much as possible.

1. School Work- Monday through Friday, I try my best to engage my children in some form of educational material that I see an area of need.  I thank Steve Jobs tremendously for creating the IPad, for most of my 3 year old’s work is on here. She does phonics to prepare her with reading, counting, addition, puzzles, and reasoning games.  Afterwards, she does a 48 piece floor puzzle with numbers, letters etc.   My nine year old has a serious language delay as a result of many hearing problems related to multiple ear infections up until age five.  Therefore, he has workbooks for grammar and reading comprehension that he works out of, along with a math book.  He also reads to me daily to help increase his vocabulary (which is also severely in need of help).  My oldest is not with me often, and his main tasks are reading, and jobs consisting of following directions (for he has ADHD).

2. Pool- We have a membership at the YMCA, and they have lawn chairs with umbrellas that I can sit my big butt in and watch over the kids while they play and swim.  Sometimes I do get in with them for it really helps with alleviating the weight of the 34 week baby sitting on my back.  By time we get back, they are exhausted and I can take a much needed nap.

3. Bowling-  Bowling is another activity that is indoors with AC and again gives me the opportunity to sit and rest.  What more is there to say about bowling?!

4. Indoor Play Grounds- In my area we have places like Oasis, Hulabaloo, Pump-It-Up that you the parent pay an entry fee, and let your kids run wild while you sit and observe, snap pictures, and simply relax.

5. Indoor Crafts- I typically reserve these days for heat wave days when none of us need to be outside.  While these are the most challenging days, because you all are in the house ALL DAY LONG, there are still ways to manage.  We usually have painting activities on canvas, picture frames, bird houses etc.  Sometimes I plan a cooking activity or have them help with dinner.  Lastly, while this is not a craft per se, but I have them help me with much needed housework that I simply can not do alone.

Hope this helps someone, because it took me a few weeks to get a handle on handling these little one and sticking to my “bed-rest”.

My youngest two and my youngest brother

Me cooling off with the my baby girl showing off the baby bump 🙂

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