Nausea Vomiting

While I’m loooooong over this phase (thank GOD!) I wanted to give some personal advice for those who may be just beginning the new journey of pregnancy.  I’ll go over the non-medicinal and the medicinal to cover everyone and what combinations worked best for me.

1. Ginger
2. Crackers or Toast before getting out of bed
3. Mints
4. Vitamin B6
5. Bland Foods, Fruits Veggies
6. Small Meals, Water
7. Salty Foods (Chips, Green Olives worked best for me)

1. Tums
2. Pepcid
3. Zantac
4. Phanergan
5. Zofran
6. Prilosec or Nexium

Now by no means are these suggestions the ONE’S, but they are the most common and most used with relief.  My regimen began with the crackers and toast, bland foods, and olives.  As mentioned the olives worked best initially.  Then around 8 weeks the nausea and vomiting started winning the battle and I had to go to the hospital due to dehydration and weight loss.  At this time my OB has prescribed Phenergan, which did not work, next Zofran, which did not work, and when I went to the ED for hydration they gave me Pepcid.  Then being the nurse I am, I came up with MY own cocktail that worked miracles for ME (I emphasize me because this may not work for others, and was approved for me by me OB).  Instead of taking the Zofran and Phenergan seperately, I took them both 4mg of Zofran and 25mg of Phenergan for they will knock you out cold, and added Zantac 300mg because the OTC Pepcid did not work.  This nightly concoction would carry me into the mid-afternoon with relief before I needed to dose myself again which was around 8-9pm at the latest.   After that I was no good to anyone.  Thankfully my SO stepped up and helped out in the best manner he could considering this is his first baby!

Once I reached my 2nd trimester I weaned myself off everything except the Zantac, and now I am taking prilosec for heartburn for the Zantac no longer works

Hope this helps someone!

My medicine cabinet that got me through the storm carried in my purse like my license.

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