Final Stretch #3rdtrimester #pregnancy

As I sit here at 2 in the morning short of breath unable to sleep, I am DESPERATELY counting down these last 6 weeks as if I’m getting out of prison.  I swear my body was not meant to carry children, but yet here I am on baby #4.  Everyday I wake up I feel every ounce this baby has gained in every part of my body.  Just getting in and out of bed is a chore and often requires the assist of two.  Bathing, is hilarious, I don’t know what I would do without my daughter because she washes my feet for me (the SO, conveniently is never around at bath time).  Walking, well that’s a joke! I was in 5 Below and had these slippery sandals on where I didn’t have to lift my feet, I could just slide throughout the store thought I died and went to heaven!  I swear I did not want to leave due to having to lift my legs to walk.  My kids are hanging in there being as patient as they can be with me being practically worthless, but I’m sure they secretly have a calendar counting down just the same as I.  I see woman twice my size just strolling down the street as if they are not even pregnant, and I on the other hand can barely walk 50 yards without needing to sit down due to agonizing back pain and pelvic pressure. I think the acronyms EDD or EDC should be changed to EDF (estimated date of freedom)!

 Me just plain miserable 😦

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