Progesterone Shots #highrisk #pregnancy

As mentioned somewhere along the lines, ALL of my pregnancies are considered high risk due to ALL being pre-term (before 37 weeks). My oldest was a 33 weeker, my second was a 31 weeker, and my thrid was a 36 weaker (with a cerclage and progesterone shots).  My fourth (who is still baking), is currently a 35 weeker (with cerclage and progesterone shots).

Let’s get one thing straight, I absolutely DETEST, these shots, they hurt like the dickens, make me lazy, sleepy, acne, gained a TREMENDOUS amount of weight, brought on nausea in my second trimester, and cost $3600 (thank GOD for insurance…co-pay $40).  What drives me even crazier, is the fact, no one can tell me exactly HOW this shot is suppose to benefit me, just that it does.  I’ve heard the it “quiets” the uterus, didn’t know it was loud.  Medically speaking I know they’re referring to contractions, but I still have them just the same if not more.  I’ve been told research proves it works with making woman to term.  Which, again  is HOW??

Well little do my OB, and MFM (maternal fetal medicine) doctor know, I did some research of my own (for school), and learned about this shot on my own.  No I did not use “google” I did scholarly searches using college search engines for reputable reliable sources.

What I learned on my own, confirmed exactly what a thought.  A meta-analysis done revealed that these shots can prolong pregnancies, but can not prevent contractions which triggers cervical changes, hence labor, followed by delivery if not stopped (none of my labors could be stopped once started).  The analysis also concluded that researchers really do not know how it works, and it does not work for everyone.  What’s a girl to do?  Take the darn shots like I’ve been doing, despite still having a “loud” uterus, and I’m very curious to see how much longer I hold out for, it’s not looking good right now!

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