Bumbo Chair Review

While I thought the Bumbo Chair was known like Michael Jackson in the parenting world, I quickly learned otherwise!  Every time I mentioned “Bumbo”, everyone gave me the blank stare as if I dropped the F bomb!  Therefore, my extended family inspired this post.


The Bumbo chair is basically an overpriced piece of foam shaped to assist your baby in a supported sitting position.  This chair runs anywhere from $20-$50+ depending on where you purchase, and if you purchase new or used.
I do want to mention, in 2012 this company voluntarily recalled this chair and offered a safety strap to help secure your child.  Apparently parents were leaving their child unattended on high surfaces and well guess what….the child fell (wow really) and the parents blamed the company.
I have a Bumbo with and without the straps, and personally, due to the design of the chair, the straps SERIOUSLY get in the way!  As a competent mother, my son is NEVER EVER left unattended in his Bumbo, especially on high surfaces.  Yes, I will sit him on the island in the kitchen while I’m cooking, but again, he is NEVER left by himself.  The majority of his time is spent on the floor playing with his toys on the tray (which can be purchased separately).  I also would like to make note that my son literally will arc his back in a manner where he’s basically out of the chair, but has NEVER ONCE made it out successfully and he’s 5 months.
  •  What I love about this chair is the fact it allows baby to sit upright.  This is great for babies with reflux who need to sit up after meals.
  • I also like this because it gives baby another view of life besides lying on their back or in someone’s arms.  I also love the how the chair just snuggly cradle baby, so there is no drooping or falling to the sides.
  • I also like that this chair is lightweight and soft.  Can transport from room to room with baby in your hands.
  • The tray is a double whammy, but on the good side, I can put toys on there to keep my son entertained.
  • What I don’t like about this chair is sometimes the snug fit is restrictive for babies with chunky legs. (my son legs sometimes catch and I have to pop his legs out).  Although, it does not seem to cause my baby any discomfort.
  • The EXPENSIVE tray that can be purchased is not easily put on or off, but when in place, it does allow you to place objects atop for baby to play with.
  • The straps are now mandatory, and as I mentioned before, they just get IN THE WAY!
  • I would like to mention that I would not use this chair until at least 3 months for a term baby, but please use your parental judgement based on your baby.  Your baby really needs to have good neck support for this to be used properly and safely for your child.

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