Introducing Solid Foods for Baby

Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, spoon feeding is such an exciting milestone for many reasons.

1. For nursing moms, the “boo-boos” get a well deserved break
2. For bottle feeding moms, you cut back on amount of bottles used and washed, and money is saved on formula
3. You finally get to make the AIRPLANE NOISE!!!

Mealtime with daddy!

A few simple things to keep in mind when introducing your baby to the spoon:

  1. Most pediatricians do not recommend beginning solids until your little one is 4 months OR able to hold head up and sit upright with support.  So always check before starting.
  2. Invest in a plastic bib and wipe down high chair for easy cleaning.
  3. Introduce foods ONE AT A TIME waiting about 5 days before trying something new.  WHY??? To pinpoint allergies. If your little one has a reaction you will be able to name the culprit.
  4. Pay attention to baby cues….WHAT ARE BABY CUES YOU ASK?? It’s the language your little one uses to communicate to you.  During spoon feeding, if your baby turns their head away, spits the food out, push the spoon away, and bust out with the back arch, I promise you they are telling you they do not want any.
  5. Keep a toy nearby for baby to occupy his hands to allow you to feed without him grabbing the spoon out of your hand.
  6. If you baby does not like a particular food (veggies especially), continue to try it, or mix it with something sweet (put the veggie on the spoon first and then the applesauce etc.)
  7. Be prepared to walk away possibly wearing whatever you just fed baby in some shape or form.
  8. Wait until bath time to introduce foods, because it WILL GET MESSY!  So after the new milestone is tackled, you can go in for the clean!
  9. Lastly HAVE FUN! Talk, smile, laugh, encourage baby, and make the AIRPLANE NOISE, to make this an enjoyable new milestone in your lives! 
I think he was saying (REALLY MOM??? Can I eat in peace???) 

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