Breastfeeding: Not Best: It’s an Option.

DISCLAIMER: This is my thoughts and feelings, and if you do not like them, well, stop reading once you feel offended, and keep your negative opinions to yourself, please and thank you.

FIRST, I’m soooooo sick and tired of all the fuss about public breastfeeding! I’m sick of all the pictures exploiting private moments with babies for publicity, and I’m sick of all the “breast is best” nonsense; “I’ll feed until my baby until he don’t want it any more. ” (Big sigh of relief now that I got that out).

Now do I breast feed? YES (exclusively no formula ever)
Do I breastfeed in public? YES (don’t care who cares or is watching)

The “breast is best” mantra NEEDS TO BE DISCONTINUED.  In MY OPINION, FOOD IS BEST, by any means.  Stop making mothers who are unable to breastfeed for whatever reason, or simply choose not to, feel like less of a mother for their choice.  As long as the child is fed, growing, and thriving let that be the end.  I’ve done both and honestly do not have any miracle differences between the bottle fed kids (2) versus the breast fed kids (2).  I’m happy to report, they are all alive happy thriving, and all see a specialist of some sort for some ailment.

NEXT on my rant is public breast feeding… Once I saw the mom on a stripper pole, at the beach, with her toddler attached to her breast….well I FEEL….it’s really turning into publicity stunts, and no one is going to take this movement serious!  To top it off, people supporting the madness (you rock….aww how cute….that’s awesome…)….no one sees anything DANGEROUSLY WRONG (I don’t know, mom loses grip and well….)with breastfeeding while on a stripper pole??? REALLY???

I agree, that public breastfeeding, should not be an issues in our country in today’s society.  Although, neither should homelessness, unemployment, hunger etcetera.  It’s impossible to change people’s opinions, and exploiting private moments with your child is not the way to bring about change.  In fact, it’s their opinion and they are entitled to it…WELCOME TO AMERICA! As long as you and your child are not PHYSICALLY violated (mean stares, and nasty comments don’t count), WHO CARES WHO STARES??? I simply tell them to cover their eyes if they have a problem.

Breastfeeding is about being in that moment with your child and bonding, a picture or two for memories, I understand, but hundreds on social media, well I FEEL it is just going overboard.  That time with your child is just as private and intimate as the cuddle time you spend with your significant other, and you don’t see people posting those moments over and over again.

Finally (this is it, I promise), this breastfeeding (not breast milk) until 3, 4 and beyond, is just a little overboard too.  I mean what really is the benefit?? YES, I have read the AAP recommendations of “mutually agreed by mother and baby..”  However, there are not ANY BENEFITS listed beyond the first year OR after that statement.  A bunch of literature supporting 6 months to a year and WHY, but not so much after a year. I strongly feel, the parent is more attached than the child after while.  Justifying it with they still want it, it has immunity in it, the child will let me know when he’s done, and with websites still makes it unnecessary.  CUT THE CORD ALREADY!!!! Now, I don’t look down on parents who do this, to each is own.  I FEEL, that it is unnecessary, not wrong, just unnecessary.  My children have until 2, and after that, bye-bye boo-boo.

These are just my thoughts on what I’ve been thinking.

And well like Bugs Bunny would say….That’s all folks!

Whew, I needed to get that off my chest! Thank you.

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