Mixed Chicks Hair Products Review

Okay, so my children have extremely weird hair textures, and multiple ones I might add!

My last 3 children all have a curly texture hair (don’t know the number and all that stuff), but it varies to very loose curls to tight curls, and kinky in the middle (for all 3 of them).  I’ve tried MULTIPLE hair products on their hair and have fell in LOVE with the Mix Chicks Line.

I highly recommend buying this product directly from the website, because for some reason, it is seriously marked up several dollars in hair/beauty stores.

So when my son hair is not washed and/or conditioned (only when dad is on bath duty), his hair looks horribly dry and coarse.

However, once I use the condition…it like a pure MIRACLE!! His hair has shine, moisture, and most of all, his natural curl comes ALIVE!!!

What I love most about the condition is I NEVER have to comb his hair!  I literally can comb out all kinks and tangles with my fingers! That means, no crying screaming, running 1 year old (SCORE!).

ALSO, this condition makes MY HAIR manageable and easy to comb.  That’s saying ALOT, because I have natural hair, and despite my children have a fine grade of hair….I DON’T!  I once would spend at least an HOUR combing through my hair.  However, NO MORE! One hour is now about 10-15 minutes!

After using the wash out conditioner, I use the leave in conditioner on my son’s hair and it’s like a holding/setting lotion.  It locks all the moisture, shine and keeps his curls coils intact all-day.

If I had to post a con for this line would be fragrance.  I understand it’s the kids version, and it might not apply to the adult line, but it literally has no smell.  I love snuggling with my son and getting a light fragrance from his hair…however this line of hair products you will not.

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Thanks for Reading!

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