Overwhelmed With Breastfeeding?

Everyone rants and raves about how wonderful and beautiful breastfeeding is.  However, no one speaks about the DEMAND of breastfeeding.

I am in total agreement that breastfeeding is one of the best experiences I have experienced with my children being babies.  I love the bonding moments of their little fingers exploring my face, looking into my eyes with pure love, twirling their little fingers around my hair, taking breaks to coo in conversation with me.  Yes these are all moments I will cherish for as long as my memory permits, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity, support and patience to go exclusive for over 1 year.
(and still going).

Nursing moment in the early days…

DESPITE all the lovely moments we share nursing our little ones, we forget to take a BREAK.  Breastfeeding is one the most demanding events of motherhood, especially in the early days.  EVERYTHING, I repeat, EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL REVOLVE AROUND BREASTFEEDING!

Every move you make without baby, you have to anticipate emptying the boo-boos.  Oh, and yes, you NEED to make moves WITHOUT BABY!


Me at the Mall shopping for…Wait for it….ME!!! ALL BY MYSELF!

Remember these rules:

1. Everyone, that includes YOU, needs a break and me time.  Baby napping does not count.  You have to physically get out, about, and away from baby.  HOW YOU ASK?

2. SOLICIT HELP! Remember all those who visited when baby was born, offering a helping hand whenever you needed? TAKE THEM UP ON IT!  (in-laws, aunts, uncles, sister, brother, cousin, spouse, mailman (jk) )

3. NEVER feel embarrassed, ashamed, or like a failure for WANTING OR NEEDING a break.  It’s how we keep our sanity.  You have to remember despite all the hats you wear, you are still YOU.

4. Plan for breaks on a recurring basis so those in your life can plan as well, and help you accordingly.  Plus it gives you something to look forward to.

5. ALWAYS take your breast pump with you when traveling without baby.  You never know what life will bring you.  Engorgement can cause all types of problems besides discomfort.

6.  Remember, it’s only temporary, and breastfeeding will not last forever.  Enjoy the time and ability to do so,  but always TAKE time for YOU! Your baby needs you happy and healthy!

My oldest baby 14 years later…so I cherish these moments because the time flies!

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