YES I STILL Breastfeed My 14 Month Old

My goal for breastfeeding has been to nurse for one year and be done with it.  For my daughter, mission accomplished.  However, for my last son, he’s not being a good sport about giving up his boo-boo.

The no shoe bandit awaiting his mama!

I have read countless article, posts, statuses etc about the hurtful looks, comments, and stares woman get from other people when they nurse beyond the infancy age.  I have to admit, I even asked my co-worker when was she going to stop nursing her son who was almost 3.  I promise I was asking out of curiosity, and not out of disgust.  However, not until this weekend, did I realize how even a innocent question such as mine, can make a mom feel…less than supported.

This weekend at work, I did not have a full schedule, so I went into my office to wait around to see if I could be of any assistance (I was feeling like I was stealing money).  I ended up waiting for almost 2 hours past when my day in the field typically ends.  I went to my supervisor and explained to her, I really needed to get going whether it be home or to another client’s house because my breast were full and I was getting uncomfortable.  Her reply was, “OMG, you’re STILL BREASTFEEDING?” Then the other ladies in the office asked, “How old is he?” I replied, “Almost 14 months,” and the room fell silent.

I appreciate the fact, if they didn’t have anything nice to say, the didn’t say anything at all, but I have to admit, it would have been nice to have one person say something reassuring.  I immediately became defensive and began making excuses such as he’s allergic to milk, and MANY FOODS, and he’s my baby, and then I had an epiphany.  I told them, “My milk is better than any cows milk, and he can have it as long as my body will make it.”  Exited stage left, went home to my son who was eagerly awaiting his bounty.

While there remarks were unwarranted, they did not get me to a point where I wanted to start a petition or become an advocate.  I was just writing this because I’ve never experienced it, and hope those who read this understand that no matter the intention, when questioning a bf mother about her extended session, do realize we may get defensive, and if you don’t have anything supportive to say, well….

Thanks for listening!

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