GOT MILK: Breastfeeding After One

For whatever reason, my baby boy prefers to nurse more than anything, mainly when with me.  The only problem with that is, HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME!

My one sitting bounty at 15 months

At one point he would eat about 5 to 6 containers of baby food a day, and has dwindled down to 2 maybe 3 a day when he’s with me.  If I leave him with his mi-mi (grandma) he will always eat 2 to 3 containers in one sitting with her.

Due to his increase desire to nurse, I really haven’t pumped much in the past few months (I believe since August).  So no one has SEEN my milk in the house, so they think there IS NO MILK.

This past week we were in Vegas, flew round trip nonstop from Philadelphia to Vegas.  The boo-boo was my flying, shuttle riding savior.  Every time my hub blinked, he was under my shirt.  Due to the atmosphere change, my baby boy lips became very dry (mine as well) and my hub asked, “is he even getting any milk or is he just sucking? I think he’s dehydrated.”  This from the Engineers lips to the Registered Nurse’s ears.

REALLY?! Let’s think about this for a sec….do you really think, I’m going to let my baby go all day for DAYS…WEEKS…MONTHS with only eating 2 to 3 jars of baby food and then just sucking on me FOR FUN?!

I politely told him of course he’s getting milk, that’s why he keeps coming back for more.

This evening, his mi-mi, who has been on a traveling spree for work the past two months, decided to keep him overnight.  Therefore, I had to pull out my old best friend…the PUMP.  I pumped a little over 10  ounces (and I wasn’t fully empty) and politely showed my hub and said…”GOT MILK?? ANY MORE QUESTIONS??”

I have to admit it did feel good seeing my milk outside the body building up another supply in the freezer.  I know within 24 hrs, I’ll have at least 6-8 bags of milk.  The only bad part is, my duke hates drinking from anything that’s not ME.

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