Breastfeeding: My Toddler Only Wants My Milk

I love nursing my baby boy aka The Duke.  I had the goal of nursing him to one year and being done with it.

Although, he totally has a different goal than mine.  It appears he has NO PLAN whatsoever to give up his boo-boo ANYTIME SOON.


oming for his bounty!

To make matters worse, he rarely eats solid foods, table foods, or drink juice/water.  All he wants is ME!  I’m exhausted and starting to feel like a true cow!

He even looks at me like I’m a piece of meat.  I hold him and he INSTANTLY collapse into a cradle position, pulling my shirt up!  I have to admit that it’s cute watching him learn how to access his food, sometimes even dances after he gets his milk all by himself.  However the cuteness is GONE come night time.

Being groped, and fondled in my sleep by my toddler and not my man is not my idea of a good night. Especially when I’ve been lax with his grooming (nails not clipped).

It’s a great feeling knowing I’m the source of his survival (literally), and rewarding that I’m afforded the opportunity to do so exclusively.  However, I’ve always had the mindset that once they turn one, I’d be done.

With him having so many allergies, I feel compelled to keep nursing him, but I really want my body back.  I can’t go far without him or without having to pump (which I hate), and it’s driving me crazy.  I need my independence, but feel selfish for wanting to cut the cord, when obviously he’s not ready.

I wish there was a way to have the best of both worlds, but I’ll have to suck it up and put my baby boy first.  Being a parent means we come last, one day he won’t want anything to do with me. So I’ll enjoy these moments while they last.

He’s already going impatient of me kissing him!

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