Potty Training Failure!

My Duke is 18 months now.  He’s very smart, but very stubborn.  This boy does not do ANYTHING until he is GOOD AND READY.

I am partly to blame for his stubbornness, but he gets it honest on both ends.  When I say my son borderlines concern with reaching milestones….it’s an understatement.  He didn’t crawl until he was 9 months, walk until he was 17 months, and he still refuses to talk and eat table food.  Again, he’s 18 MONTHS!  All he wants is his ba-ba (boob), and a snack.

With the exception of my oldest son, my other children were potty trained by 18 months.  NO pull-ups or pampers whatsoever.  My oldest was almost there until a winter stay with his father’s family set him back.

So naturally, I figured baby number 4 must follow suit…..NOT!!!!!!

Knowing he was a little….patient with milestones, I cut him some slack and gave him a few extra months to get started.  My first problem was finding underpants to fit him. My child is a runt! He is so small, he’s not even on the growth chart for his age.

Despite this, I still brought a potty, and the smallest undies and rubber pants I could find.

Guess what he did with the potty….

HE SAT…for about 5 seconds…
THEN he began planning his escape…
Then he felt he could use it as a drum, stool to hit the light (that he still can’t reach), and a pedi spa!
Needless to say, that potty is collecting dust, because one thing I learned about The Duke; he’s NOT doing anything until HE IS READY!
How old was your little when you first started potty training?

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