Toddler Tantrums!

All of a sudden out of NO WHERE, my baby boy has learned to throw a FULL BLOWN TANTRUM!

How could this face be so menacing?

He literally throws himself back, bust his head on WHATEVER is in close proximity of his head. Next, he flip flops and rolls around on the floor like he is trying to put a fire out.  Then the icing on the cake is the screaming bloody murder making my ear drums ring.

He LITERALLY rolled from the couch, to the floor, through the living room, to THERE..CRYING!

My tactic typically would be to ignore him, however, I’m afraid he’s going to hurt himself banging his head on everything.  One night he threw himself off the bed and did a black flip on the floor.  SCARING THE HOLY CRAP OUT OF ME!  I just knew he had a spinal injury (4 kids later you’d think I’d be immune to this).  One time while in the tub, he went into a fit and darn near drowned himself fighting me trying to save him.

This type of nonsense is totally new to me.  I NEVER experienced this with my other three to this degree.  I feel like buying him a helmet and letting him go for it!

However I have come up with another plan.

1. For safety, I immediately grab him and place in his crib or bouncer chair for safety…he can only do but so much damage to himself.

2. I never say one word to him while he is going through his motions and I’m transporting him to his safe haven.

3. Once he is in his safe location, I tell him when he is done crying I will come back and get him and we can play or read a book.

4. Once he stops crying, I go get him and thank him for calming down.

I just started this process and hope after a few rounds he gets the point, because I REFUSE to be THAT PARENT out in public with THAT CHILD for a LONG TIME!

Let’s face it, we all get a dose of embarrassment with toddlers!


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