Ever Wish You Weren’t A Mom?


There are days, I wonder what the heck was I thinking having 4 kids.  Why didn’t I stop at 2?! Shoot, why did I even start!

Especially when it’s something I want to do, but I can’t because of something I need to do for one of four that takes precedence.

For example: This summer I was suppose to go to Germany, but now The King needs a surgery that will take up the entire summer, so guess what…mom can’t go.

In no way do I regret my kids, or wish I didn’t have them. I’m just human and have moments where I wish it was just me.  I like to believe this is normal, and any mom who never had a moment like this is LYING TO HERSELF!

Days when I clean the house, and turn around and it’s dirty all over again…wish I was kidless.

Times when I wash clothes for 6 and 2 days latter laundry baskets are filled AGAIN…wouldn’t have that problem if it was just me.

Moments when I want to just up and go and not have to worry about what time I need to be done or dragging a baby, diaper bag, and stroller with me.

How about just wanting to come home and relax…not have to worry about dinner, homework, dance, gymnastics, basketball, baseball, school functions etc. etc. etc.

Then I think, “My kids are who made me who I am today, and I am pretty darn proud and blessed.”

I remember going to a patient’s house and she was sitting on her porch just drinking coffee and looking out at her yard.  I asked does she get bored.  Her reply was priceless…

“Nurse, I’m 79 years old, I raised 5 kids, and helped with 13 grandchildren.  I’ve waited a long time to do NOTHING.”

So with that, my inspiration came, one day, God willing, I will be able to do NOTHING.

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