Cleaning-UP After 4 Kids is…

I’m convinced that I clean my house just to keep my house from looking like one of those houses off of hoarders!

Everyday, I get up in the mooring and move, pick-up, put-back, re-arrange etc the SAME ITEMS.  Then on the weekends, I’m working and come Monday,  I am now doing this for two missed days.

I literally cleaned the foyer while everyone was going, from having multiple pairs of shoes from 5 people, coats, scarves, hats, book-bags, sports equipment, basketballs, boxes from packages, and whatever misc stuff you can name, it probably was there.  You know these BLEEP HOLES came in 10 minutes later and just kicked off shoes, dropped bags and coats in the floor, and the place darn near looked like it did before I started IN 2 MINUTES FLAT!!!!!

I wanted to throw EVERYTHING in the trash!  To make matters worse, it seems as if EVERY TIME my MIL comes over, it’s on one of my IDGA… days.  I know she thinks I never clean this place!  She however, is so helpful and jumps right in cleaning, cooking, taking care of the Duke.

OR, I’ll clean the bathroom, and guess who ALL OF A SUDDEN NEEDS TO SHAVE??? No problem right? WRONG, when The Hubs shave, he has a terrible habit from childhood, of just leaving HAIR WHERE IT FALLS! His baby sister even has a sensitive spot about the bad habit.

I must mention, in no way am I a clean house SAINT, but I really feel like I could be doing a lot more with my hours that are going to be wasted in minutes.

I so look forward to the day when I clean my house from top to bottom and when I’m DONE, all the rooms preceding the last room I finished are STILL  SOMEWHAT CLEAN.

The simple things in life we look forward to being mothers.

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