My 5 Year Old LOVES MAKE-UP!

My daughter is the most girly girl I could ever think up!  She loves dresses, heels, and yes MAKE-UP!

I don’t know where she gets this from! I hated all of the above, and as far as make-up goes, I only have lip-gloss under my belt.
However my future SIL is a make-up pro, and whenever she is in town, my daughter stands in the bathroom door and watches her in amazement. I think she even allows her to assist her.
Last September I took my daughter to Disney and we did the BBB dress up and she was given make-up as a going away prize.  I tried my best to hide it but…I failed.
She came in my room last night all did up, so proud of herself and all I could do was take a picture and laugh.
Then today she was in the bathroom putting it on again.  When the house feel utterly quiet I called for her and she said..
“I’m in the bathroom putting my make-up on..I LOVE THIS STUFF, I look BEAUTIFUL..please DON’T JUDGE ME MOM!”
I DIED laughing!! She then came downstairs and said, if you think this is funny, let me show you something and this is what she showed me!

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