"Mom why are you so tired?": A letter to my son

A letter to my son as to why I’m so tired.
Dear son,
You seem to think being a mom consist of taking you to school, going home, taking a nap, and picking you guys up.  Well I want to give you glimpse into how my day goes and why.
            My day started when my alarm went off at 6am.  I lay in my bed waiting to see how many times you’re going to hit the snooze button before you get up.  Thirty minutes later, I get up to get your sister up, and wake you up.   I lay back down because I’m exhausted (I didn’t’ go to bed until 1:30am-2am). Why you ask? I had to wash clothes, clean the kitchen, and get things done for me.  You see this is the only time in the day I have to myself.  While I’m lying down, I’m listening for the water to run to make sure you and your brother brushed your teeth (even though I shouldn’t have too).  I’m reminding your sister of her morning routine to teach her independence.  At the last possible minute, I finally get up, I fix your sister’s hair, throw something on to wear (appearance is nothing to me anymore), and go make her lunch.  I inspect her book-bag to make sure everything’s’ there, and proceed to get your brother up, on the potty, and dressed.  I pack his bag, grab my list, my purse, make your brother a quick breakfast fill his cup, fetch his Ipad, and head on out the door.  I check to make sure you have your lunch and homework.
            Now I drive from North Wilmington to Westside (15 mins) to drop you off at school. I drive back to North Wilmington (15 mins), to put your sister on the bus.  Now  I get to my list.  I have to prioritize because I can never get to everything in one day.  My first stop is Shoprite (15 mins).  I drive back to Westside to go grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks, with your sleeping baby brother in his sleepy wrap.  After about an hour, we are done, load up the car, he is awake and I have to STOP to give him his breakfast, ipad and cup of juice (30 mins).  Our next stop is BJ’s, but while sitting at a light I notice the Etteman’s Outlet store, and stop in to see what snacks I can get for a bargain for you, your brother and sister’s lunch.  I figure here’s a way to save money, because groceries are very expensive for a family of 5.   Next we head to BJ’s, pick up the big items on my list.  As I’m about to check out, I get a call from your school stating you hit your head and needed to be picked up.  No problem, my plans are never set in stone.
After leaving BJ’s I stop at Rush Uniform store to get your Long –Sleeved shirts I ordered a month ago, because the weather is changing and I don’t want you to be cold.  After learning its not in, I put on my list to get you long sleeved shirts to wear underneath until they arrive.  We now head to your school to pick you up.  I do a quick assessment to make sure you’re okay, and I don’t have to make a 2 for 1 trip at A.I Hospital today.  You check out, and home we go.  I sit on the couch and wait for you to bring the groceries in the house, and the next thing I remember is waking up. I fell asleep and I didn’t even know it. You call this a nap, but it’s really my body is purely exhausted from lack of sleep.  I get up finish putting the food away, heat up some spaghetti, grab a roll, pack some snacks for your baby brother, and head to the hospital with your big brother (while eating and driving).
Your brother gets the news he can walk (after 3 months of not walking..YAY!) and home we go.  Once home, I have to do some preparing for class (read my books). I make your brother lunch, entertain him, and attempt to read and retain something from my “reading” all at the same time. I pack my bag for school, pack your brother some snacks, get your sister clothes for her tumbling class, and her clothes to stay the night at Tiffany’s (because if I forget them she will have a total meltdown).

I wait for Damon to come get you guys, hand you off to him with distinct instructions, pray he follows them and drive to school.  From 4:30 to 9pm I’m in class bored, and annoyed working in a group, but I go to school to give you guys a better life.  I leave school, drive to the car shop to drop my car off (which is way past due on maintenance).  I come home talk to you about school, feed your brother dinner, and for the first time in a day use the bathroom.  I lay in my bed typing this after you asked me what did I do today besides take a nap.  I’m struggling to get up to shower, haven’t eaten anything since spaghetti, and I’m planning for my day tomorrow without my car.  When the day is all said and done, I still won’t go to bed until around 1-2am, because now I have to get things done for me and my house…by the way, it’s 11:08pm, you’re sound asleep.

I hope this give you some insight as to “Why I’m always so tired.”

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