5 Topics To Clear Before Posting To Social Media

This past week, I was married at the Justice of the Peace.  My now husband and I have been together for 5 years, and finally went downtown to make it legal.  I hadn’t told many people about our nuptials for the simple fact I was tired of them asking me, “When are y’all going to get married?”  I figured I’d just surprise them all the next time they asked me and say, “I’m already married.” I mean what difference does it make to anybody? Either way married or not, my life is going to go on as it is, and they would be none the wiser.

I’m not big with sharing my relationship with other people.  I’m very exclusive with what goes on, and especially the moves we are making. If I put anything on social media, it’s very generic, like happy birthday.  Otherwise, it’s a closed book to the public.

Eventually, when I was ready, I had planned to announce my nuptials on social media with a cute little personalized wooden “Mr & Mrs Frame”.frame

Well, the days before, and many days after (including now), I had been suffering with a summer cold.  I literally got married, and went home and went to sleep. I hadn’t spoken with anybody, and whoever I did speak with, if I wanted them to know I was getting married, they knew.

The next evening, I wake up from taking a nap due to being sick, and see I have a bunch of Facebook notifications.  I open my app, and there it is, a picture of us from our wedding day on social media with a bunch of congrats and “why didn’t you tell me”.

Did I mention this post was not from me…THE BRIDE. Or the GROOM?  I understood the post came from absolute love and excitement.  However, that did not change my feelings of robbery and being really upset.  My moment to announce my wedding to the world how I wanted, was snatched from me.

I was told by my husband, I should have told people not to post anything.  I honestly don’t feel like THAT is something I, THE BRIDE, should have to go around and personally say to people.

“Hey everyone, I’m getting married, please don’t post ME GETTING MARRIED BEFORE ME!  Ummm, nope. I don’t feel like this is something that needs to be said.  If it’s not on my timeline, then WHY THE HECK DO YOU FEEL IT SHOULD BE ON YOURS???

When people have great news or hear great news, the first place they go to share it, is social media.

If the great news you are sharing is YOUR NEWS, then go for it!  Who am I or anyone else to tell you what to do with YOUR NEWS.


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Engagements
  3. Weddings
  4. Birth of a Baby
  5. Picture of a New Baby 

These moments are once in a lifetime moments, that should go public only AFTER the person has publicly shared them.  If you are ever in doubt, follow their lead or ASK FIRST.  Reveals are really big now and days, and you can’t get that back once it’s out on social media.

Thank you RANT OVER.


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