I Have A Dream: The Mom’s Edition

A MOTHER’S “I HAVE A DREAM POEM”…In honor of Black History Month and my favorite MLK! ‪#icrackmyselfup

I have a dream, that one day I’m alive to witness my four little children grown with children of their own 
jumping, playing, breaking, terrorizing, and destroying everything they own in a living room of their own.

I have a dream, that one day I can go to my child’s house solely to make a mess and not clean it, drop trash and just leave it, and eat them out of house and home.

I have a dream that one day I can take a pee without a kid busting in midstream to see!

I have a dream that one day the sons of other mother’s and the daughters of other mother’s will one day sit down together at a table of brotherhood…IN HER HOME!

I have a dream today!

I have a dream. That ev
ery room I clean shall remain clean, every room they claim they cleaned is truly clean, and every spoon, fork, and knife I own can be accounted for after they’re done.

I have a dream, that one day all mothers and fathers will  be able to sleep in together, walk around the house naked together, eat dinner together knowing that they will be intruder and beggar free!

This is a parent’s hope, this is a parent’s faith, that 18 years or so later,(hopefully sooner), we can sing together in harmony…

Peace and quiet at last, Peace and quiet at last, thank God almighty I have peace and quiet at last…. Temporarily that is.!

You Only Get One Mother

10-10-10 my mother had a cardiac arrest that took her soul away from us.  2-16-14 she her body actually left this earth.  The night before her funeral, I put together a poem using words spoken to me by my mother over the course of my life with her.
You only get one mother,
This is what she would repeatedly say
Cherish me now for another day is never promised, and I’ll be good and gone someday.
You only get one mother,
These five words now so comforting and sincere
She made sure they resonated with me and that I kept them here and here(points to head and heart)
You only get one mother
She drove me crazy telling me this
Although, now I must say she accomplished what she set out to accomplish by preparing me for departure to eternal bliss
You only get one mother
So always do as I say
For when my time comes you’ll have no regrets or debts to repay
You only get one mother
No one will ever love you more than me
I’ll go to the end of this earth to keep you safe from harms way and what you are unable to see
Yes we only get one mother
And my mom made sure this I knew
At one point it annoyed me, but over time, I understood what she was attempting to do
There was nothing my mother could ask of me that I wouldn’t find it in my powers to do
In moments of my attempt of refusal, a little voice would creep through (you only get one mother), and I’d do what she wanted, asked or needed me for that  is what children are suppose to do.
My one and only mother prepared me for ways I could never repay
By reminding me to always respect, honor, and obey her so that I could be at peace when there were no more words left for her to say.
I have no remorse, no unfinished business, not even a heavy heart
For she was good to me, I was good to her, and our love for one another will never depart
So I ask you all today. If yours is still alive, please add this one to your memories
In honor of my beloved mother, always remember, “You Only Get One Mother”
By Lakesheia Williams

In Honor and Loving Memory of My Mother, Patricia Ann Williams