Joyfolie Review 2: BUYER BEWARE!!!!

I want to start off by saying, once upon a time; this company was a really great company that I LOOOOVVVED shopping with!  I even wrote a positive review Joyfolie Shoes Review!  If you scroll through my daughter’s IG page zizah_the_gymnast_diva, you’ll find her dolled up with an ABUNDANCE of pieces from this company.

I would say for about the past 2 years, I haven’t really shopped with this company.  This is mainly because my daughter is over the dress up stage, she is a competitive gymnast who spends the vast majority of her time in a leotard in the gym,  and when she does have down time, she is relaxing trying to be a normal kid. Whenever an occasion to dress up would arise, I still would typically get her stuff from here. Shoot, I even started getting some of the boots they sold for women for myself!

Hands down, they have unique styles that are absolutely stunning….they always have. However, over time as this company has grown, the quality has deteriorated. Jessica Hernandez (the owner), started off making everything by hand and selling on Etsy. You would get one-of-a-kind quality little girl shoes that were sure to receive several compliments. Not only that, because they were so rare, well made, and desired, the resale value was awesome! It truly was a win-win for moms all around. As the demand rose, she moved to having her products manufactured.  Things slowly started taking a turn for the worse. Buttons/jewels/flowers would fall off, sizes don’t correspond with their size chart, one wear and they are destroyed, and so forth. Despite these flaws, the customer service would always make it right some way somehow, which in my book was a fair trade.

Now over the past couple years of my hiatus from shopping, I have seen that during big sales they had a flood of angry customers due to shipping, lack of communication, issues with products and returns etc.  I just never dug deep into it, because I assumed customer service handled it as they’ve done in the past.

May 20th (this Sunday) my daughter has an award ceremony for gymnastics. One day out of the year she will get to dress up. I turned to Joyfolie as I have always done. There is a stunning Catrin “Red” dress online that my daughter and I both agreed was the one. Plus she already had red shoes from Joyfolie, that would match! I ordered a cute dress for myself as well. Before I ordered my daughter’s dress, I noticed it had a note “dress run big”. Seeing that, and knowing my child is small for her age, I contacted them, gave them her measurements, and ordered what was recommended by their staff.

Honey baby, let me tell you; that dress was NOTHING like pictured. The color was wrong, the size was wrong, and it was so cheap, it look like something from the dollar store. The dress I ordered for myself had a zipper that was sewn together. I spent 30 minutes fixing that, and then it just was not a great fit. Could just be me since I’m petite so I didn’t even complain about that one.


“No big deal,” I say to myself. I’ll contact customer service and they’ll fix it. Boy was I wrong!!!!! As of today (started contacting them 5/2) I still have no credit, no product, and they have received their products last Friday. My daughter has no dress, and they could care LESS. They assured me they wanted to make this right, but really had NOTHING TO OFFER but an exchanged dress…which due to the manufacturing flaw of it running big, it would NEVER fit my daughter.  Not only that, it was like 4 shades lighter than the color, and totally didn’t match the shoes (I attribute this to the photographer’s editing use of saturation).

I have went back and forth with these people for TWO WEEKS trying to give them every opportunity to remedy their mistake. I explained the importance and time sensitivity of getting a replacement dress. I was even willing to exchange for something else (despite the fact I want nothing to do with them).  They were steadfast on offerinv me another cheap, punch (not red), too big dress. OR I could return them, wait for a credit, reorder something else, and pay $30 for expedited shipping!!!

I even went a step further and contacted the owner on her personal IG page (she’s traveling the world from stealing people’s money and making crappy products inspired by her travels….eyeroll). She basically took no ownership of her piss poor products or  the pitiful customer service AND BLOCKED ME!! At the end of the day, if you buy something from here, you BETTER be prepared to be stuck with it, or a store credit. Like I said, unless you pay full price, a refund is not an option. I suggest you throughly read their Return Policy After dealing with them and their customer service, you won’t even want the store credit! At the rate she’s going, she barking up a tree for a law suit or being out of business soon.

What I have come to learn is this; they know they are selling bullshit products, because their refund policy, is now a joke!! They don’t want to return your money, unless you pay full price! Due to the inflated prices and POORLY MADE products, NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS GOING TO PAY FULL PRICE!!! They know this and are always offering a promo code to keep your money. This was NEVER THE CASE IN THE PAST!! I didn’t even know they changed their return policy to this shady mess, until I started doing research! In my opinion, NO company who stands behind their product would have a policy such as theirs.

They are not even accredited with the BBB due to ALL NEGATIVE COMPLAINTS. Reviews of this company are barely a 2 out of 5 stars with BBB and other review sites.

As it stands, I had to dispute this through PayPal and I am awaiting a resolution.  I plan to sponsor this post 3 times the amount I lost dealing with them, so as many people can learn about this shady behind crooked company.  If you have an experience, good or bad, please leave a comment! Also share this so other people can at the minimal be warned when shopping with this company.

Thanks as always for hearing my rants!!!

Joyfolie Shoes Review!

I’ve always been the type of girl who wanted to stand out in the crowd, in a unique kind of way

When I had my daughter, I wanted the same for her. I was a bit bougie and didn’t want her to have the same wardrobe as everyone else.  When she was about 2, I remember googling, “unique shoes for little girls” and Joyfolie Website came up.  That’s when my shoe addiction for her began.

This lovely brand of shoes started off on Esty, with handmade soft sole shoes, and quickly grew so much, they needed to be manufactured to meet the demands of mamas like me.

I first started shopping right around when Jessica (the owner) began manufacturing. Some of my original favorites are: Kat, Amile, Zoe, and Sadie (in order below).


Everyone ADORES these shoes on my daughter. She is guaranteed to receive complements when wearing this brand of shoes.

This boot is named Sasha

Things I like to make mention about these shoes are this:

  • They are moderately priced shoes, starting at about $48 and up.  Just this past summer flip-flops were released and they are just under $20.


  • Lately, they have been having more sales, making the shoes a bit more affordable. In the past this was unheard of.  If you subscribe to their email list, you be the first to know about any sales or deals going on! Best times to check for special pricing is black Friday and end of the season.


  • In previous years, these shoes were so limited, they sold out VERY QUICKLY!! Facebook groups were created to allow mamas to sell their used shoes to other mamas wanting to have a taste of royalty (they are still around).  Lately, they are being produced in greater quantities, and the demand has gone done.


  • MOST SHOES/BOOTS are not for everyday wear.  If you are not fond of throwing money down the drain, letting your child wear these to school or out to play would not be best practice. Even the most gentle child will mess these shoes up.  I strongly feel, the earlier manufactured shoes hold up way better than subsequent releases. Some style take a licking better than others.  I try to avoid shoes with buttons, straps, gems/jewels, and bows).  I never had luck with them staying on.
  • Sizing can vary. I’ve noticed most open toe shoes run a half size big and closed toe shoes run true to size (tts), borderline half size small.
  • Materials used in the shoes vary. Some materials rub on the heel, and my daughter refuse to wear them.  This is not isolated to my child, other parents have complained about the same.  While other shoes, she will wear until the soles run down!  It really depends on how the shoe fits your child.
This was an extremely popular shoe that killed my baby heels!
  • All shoes come with a matching hair piece. In the past, it felt more custom to the shoe. Recently, they are pretty standard and similar for every shoe.  I really loved how the bow matched the shoe, but still feel, it’s a pretty unique perk and special touch to an outfit either way!
Stella Shoe
  • The last thing I would like to mention about this brand is the customer service.  It is absolutely ONE-OF-A-KIND (which means the world to me when I’m spending my money on anything)! I have had issues with purchases and shoes, and every time the staff (which is small) goes out of their way to fix the problem. They make me feel valued and appreciated as a customer.  This is one of the main reason I am so loyal.  If you ever have a problem, please just email them, they are very responsive and accommodating.

Over time, Joyfolie began making shoes for mamas, and has a growing clothing line for little girls. This addition did absolutely nothing for my pocketbook! Due to the fact I spend all my money on my daughter, I haven’t gathered much of a collection to review these items!  However stay tuned, the time will come!
Zizah Joyfolie



Competition Dance For Kids is a Money Leech

This past dance season, I was hoodwinked and bamboozled to allowing my daughter to participate on the competition team at her dance studio.


I knew from a very brief dance experience that I wanted no parts in this whole ordeal.  So much so, I did not have her audition when the time came.  HOWEVER before the season got way, the team teacher sought my child out and convinced she and I to join.  My daughter was adamant she wanted to participate and I was adamant I did not.

I had 3 reason I did not want to join, and they are the same reasons I will not be joining unless she has this epiphany that dance if her calling.

  • Hair and Make-up…I don’t have time for that…I’m a ONE 2 pony-tail MAX kinda girl, and lip-gloss. I know nothing about faux mow-hawk and smoky eyes!


  • The time-it is time consuming!!!! Between practice for the team, practice for the          MANDATORY DANCE CLASSES, tumbling class, and extra rehearsals…I KNEW I would never have air to breath.
  • THE MONEY!!!! The amount of money I spent on the BRIEF TASTE was alarming and I  knew it was only going to get worse…and it did.


You know this hobby is expensive when one mom say “Don’t do the math”. I was like, I do the math..I am math…and the math said, to JUMP SHIP!!!

Let me break it down for you on my expenses for a year to allow my child to dance for approximately 6  minutes 3 times….

From September to June Monthly expenses included:

  1. $182 for 4 dance classes- 2 team and 2 regular ballet, tap, and jazz (all mandatory)
  2. $58 for tumbling class…DESPITE THE FACT my child is by far the best tumbler in her age group and has 2 1/2 hours of gymnastics a week.
  3. $375 on costumes that were cheap as a dollar store came out the destroyed.
  4. Holiday Gift Exchange parties $50
  5. Accessories for costumes $150
  6. Makeup $35
  7. Bags and storage for costumes/make-up $150…some moms brought the Dream Duffle min $200 which looks like an oversized suitcase
  8. Team Fee $150
  9. Prop Fee $50
  10. Warm Up Suit $150…As I’m typing this out…I’m getting annoyed….
  11. Gifts for graduation $20
  12. Barbecue $30
  13. Dance Attire/Shoes $150 (always need tights and outgrow a shoe or two)
  14. Team Banquet $66
  15. Team End of the Year Event $90
  16. Competition Fees $294…and our last competition ended in a pure DISASTER of being put out the building during awards (still don’t know who won), having the building condemned, and the rest of the competition cancelled.


I can promise you I left something out. This is what I can remember…I try to push the memory of spending so much on a 6 year old to the lost footage files of my memory.  Keep in mind, I have not included gas driving back and forth to these lovely places 3 times a week or food needing to be brought because we were always on the go.  I think the art of dance is beautiful, breath taking, and worth EVERY PENNY for someone who has a child who has a passion for the art.  My child did and does not.  She’s a gymnast at heart, and I only believe the teacher wanted her on the team because she is the only one who could tumble.  From here on out, we will be investing our money in her passion…gymnastics.  She will continue ballet and tap, and nothing more or nothing less.


What are your experiences with competitive dance?? I like to hear other experiences to know I’m not crazy!!

The Princess


After having 2 brothers and 2 sons, God felt I was special enough to have a female in my life to share my everything with.  In 2009, I was blessed to have a daughter.  Ironically, before she came along, it was my mom and I against the world.  God knew I needed someone to keep me company, because the following year my mother passed away.  Ever since, it’s been my daughter and I against the world.  Thankfully, my mother was able to spend a year with her granddaughter, because all she ever wanted was a granddaughter.

Raising a little girl, is by far the most challenging and rewarding experience at the same time.  One minute I’m in love, and the next, I’m ready to pull her hair out.

I remember having a conversation with my husband, at the time, about what I wanted in a girl child.  I recall saying, “She will be smart, giving, well-rounded, curly hair…basically a mini replica of me only better”.  I wanted a girl so bad, and then when her existence came about, I remember being overtaking with fear! I worried about her safety, her heart, her future, if I was a good enough role-model, and the list goes on.

When she finally arrived, it was like everything just fell into place.  Having a female counterpart in my life after being surrounded by boys for a great deal of my life, was like a breath of fresh air.  She was everything I envisioned her to be, and so much more.  It also made me realize how different it would be raising a daughter versus two sons…EASIER.

This section is all about the diva, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  She’s a gymnast, a dancer, and a gifted student.  She is wise beyond her years, and apparently inherited all the common sense her brothers left behind in my womb. It’s all or nothing with her, she either brings me pure joy, or pure chaos at random!

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to my princes, Zizah-The-Diva

How Do You Deal With UGLY BABIES?

Let’s face it, ALL BABIES ARE NOT CUTE. There I said it.  I mean it too.  I even felt this way about a couple kids of my own.  I think all babies go through an ugly phase.  I KNOW mine did.

My Daughter @ 2 Weeks

I wasn’t in denial, but I had hope.  Hope that I couldn’t produce such an ugly human being, and this too shall pass.

What is even funnier is when people would tell me my baby was cute, I would say, “No she’s not, she’s going through a phase right now. No need for lies.”  With a straight face.  They would look at me like I was pure crazy!

What I was, was pure honest.

I always wondered if people with ugly babies REALIZED their baby was UGLY?  Can a mother’s/father’s love really be so deep, they’re blinded by the obvious?!

Now don’t take this the wrong way.  Just the other day I was teaching my now 5 year old daughter about how beauty is within and not what the eye can see.  However, to myself, I know that sometimes people with beautiful personalities and souls still can be a little hard on the eyes.

When I see an ugly baby, I won’t lie to the parent and say, “Awwwww, he/she is so cute” or “Awww how adorable!”  I hit them with a pure, “Awwwwwww.” That’s it.  My honest Abe self won’t allow me to lead people along with false pretenses.

On a brighter note, like I said, my daughter went through a phase, because now she is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!


She recovered!

My 5 Year Old LOVES MAKE-UP!

My daughter is the most girly girl I could ever think up!  She loves dresses, heels, and yes MAKE-UP!

I don’t know where she gets this from! I hated all of the above, and as far as make-up goes, I only have lip-gloss under my belt.
However my future SIL is a make-up pro, and whenever she is in town, my daughter stands in the bathroom door and watches her in amazement. I think she even allows her to assist her.
Last September I took my daughter to Disney and we did the BBB dress up and she was given make-up as a going away prize.  I tried my best to hide it but…I failed.
She came in my room last night all did up, so proud of herself and all I could do was take a picture and laugh.
Then today she was in the bathroom putting it on again.  When the house feel utterly quiet I called for her and she said..
“I’m in the bathroom putting my make-up on..I LOVE THIS STUFF, I look BEAUTIFUL..please DON’T JUDGE ME MOM!”
I DIED laughing!! She then came downstairs and said, if you think this is funny, let me show you something and this is what she showed me!

Rapunzel For A Daughter? Tips To Manage Long Hair

At birth, my daughter, had a nice amount of hair, and due to Religious reasons on the 7th day it was ALL CUT OFF.

Shortly after the first cut

For the next year and a half, all I had to do was put a headband in her hair and go! Then one day her hair started to grow, and grow, and grow, until now its at the top of her bum.

Around One

GREAT! Most moms think.  However, when you are the mom who has to manage and style the hair…well, that 7th day haircut making a comeback don’t seem like a bad idea!

About 2 years old

She cries, screams, yells, squirms, twist, turn to the point where I’ll let her go days without her hair being done to avoid the drama.  The irony of it all is, I remember being pure judgmental and in utter disgust when I would see little girls with long hair looking a MESS!  However, now that shoe is on my foot, I would like to apologize for my judgmental ways because I now UNDERSTAND!

Around 3 Years

My daughter has curly hair, and she gets to wear it out maybe once a month just to breath.

After the breather, a good ol fashioned BUN BUN is our best friend!  With “messy buns” being in style, I can get at least 3 days without having to touch her hair.  Then I’d split it into 2 buns! Guess what? Another 3 more days!

All the other days, I braid her hair and leave it in for 2 weeks.  I REFUSE, I repeat REFUSE to get up in the mornings and do her hair! I’d rather shave her bald!  Her braids with beads on the end are my saving grace.  The downfall of my go-to hair do is….IT FREAKING MAKES HER HAIR GROW!!!

4 years

3 Products I highly recommend for those days when I actually have to touch a comb to her head, would be

1. Mixed Chicks hair products (especially the conditioner) are the BEST for making hair tangle FREE after washing and bringing life to natural curls

2. A detangling spray is an absolute MUST HAVE.  Otherwise, it’s like having PB&J without the PB.

3. Wide Tooth Comb is the last key to the puzzle.  The teeth on any other comb would require dentures, because the teeth never last!

Thanks for hearing my Rant and feeling my pain…What do you do to manage your daughter’s hair?


5 years Old (Shoot ME)