Joyfolie Shoes Review!

I’ve always been the type of girl who wanted to stand out in the crowd, in a unique kind of way

When I had my daughter, I wanted the same for her. I was a bit bougie and didn’t want her to have the same wardrobe as everyone else.  When she was about 2, I remember googling, “unique shoes for little girls” and Joyfolie Website came up.  That’s when my shoe addiction for her began.

This lovely brand of shoes started off on Esty, with handmade soft sole shoes, and quickly grew so much, they needed to be manufactured to meet the demands of mamas like me.

I first started shopping right around when Jessica (the owner) began manufacturing. Some of my original favorites are: Kat, Amile, Zoe, and Sadie (in order below).


Everyone ADORES these shoes on my daughter. She is guaranteed to receive complements when wearing this brand of shoes.

This boot is named Sasha

Things I like to make mention about these shoes are this:

  • They are moderately priced shoes, starting at about $48 and up.  Just this past summer flip-flops were released and they are just under $20.


  • Lately, they have been having more sales, making the shoes a bit more affordable. In the past this was unheard of.  If you subscribe to their email list, you be the first to know about any sales or deals going on! Best times to check for special pricing is black Friday and end of the season.


  • In previous years, these shoes were so limited, they sold out VERY QUICKLY!! Facebook groups were created to allow mamas to sell their used shoes to other mamas wanting to have a taste of royalty (they are still around).  Lately, they are being produced in greater quantities, and the demand has gone done.


  • MOST SHOES/BOOTS are not for everyday wear.  If you are not fond of throwing money down the drain, letting your child wear these to school or out to play would not be best practice. Even the most gentle child will mess these shoes up.  I strongly feel, the earlier manufactured shoes hold up way better than subsequent releases. Some style take a licking better than others.  I try to avoid shoes with buttons, straps, gems/jewels, and bows).  I never had luck with them staying on.
  • Sizing can vary. I’ve noticed most open toe shoes run a half size big and closed toe shoes run true to size (tts), borderline half size small.
  • Materials used in the shoes vary. Some materials rub on the heel, and my daughter refuse to wear them.  This is not isolated to my child, other parents have complained about the same.  While other shoes, she will wear until the soles run down!  It really depends on how the shoe fits your child.
This was an extremely popular shoe that killed my baby heels!
  • All shoes come with a matching hair piece. In the past, it felt more custom to the shoe. Recently, they are pretty standard and similar for every shoe.  I really loved how the bow matched the shoe, but still feel, it’s a pretty unique perk and special touch to an outfit either way!
Stella Shoe
  • The last thing I would like to mention about this brand is the customer service.  It is absolutely ONE-OF-A-KIND (which means the world to me when I’m spending my money on anything)! I have had issues with purchases and shoes, and every time the staff (which is small) goes out of their way to fix the problem. They make me feel valued and appreciated as a customer.  This is one of the main reason I am so loyal.  If you ever have a problem, please just email them, they are very responsive and accommodating.

Over time, Joyfolie began making shoes for mamas, and has a growing clothing line for little girls. This addition did absolutely nothing for my pocketbook! Due to the fact I spend all my money on my daughter, I haven’t gathered much of a collection to review these items!  However stay tuned, the time will come!
Zizah Joyfolie