CamelBeach Outdoor Water Park

Hey everyone!!!

In June,  my family and some extended family took a trip up to the Poconos and visited the CamelBeach Water Park.

My SIL as always, had EVERYTHANG (yes I meant to spell it like that), planned to the “T”.  I knew we were going to a water park, didn’t know which one until we pulled up.  I saw the name, and knew it from watching commercials.

Now everything on TV ALWAYS look better than what it really is in person, but this place was so fun, I had to do a review.

First off, she found a Groupon and we ended up paying only $32 per person (original price $42).  Beings as though there was 8 of us, that turned out to be $80 savings!!!!


  • Get there early-this way the lines are not as long and you get more bang for your buck. Like most water parks, this one opens later (at 10am) and close early (7pm).  You don’t want to spend your time waiting in long lines.
  • Pack lunch-there is a picnic area next to the water park.  The food was average amusement park prices (which is high), and that’s just another way to cut down cost.
  • Have your waterproof case for your phone to capture all of the fun you are sure to have.
  • Bring the entire family-they have rides and areas for even the smallest family member.


  • Sunscreen/Hats-the park had limited shaded areas and a handful of umbrellas with the lawn chairs.  If you want an area under the umbrella, getting there early is imperative!


  • Water shoes-the ground was extremely hot and my duke refused to walk.

water shoe.jpg

  • Water Proof Phone Case-you should never leave home without this when visiting water parks!

water proof case

Must Ride:

  • The Lazy River-it’s a staple water park ride, but it gets you wet, and ready to take on everything else!

                 My personal video via GoPro

  • The Sandstorm-this is a great family slide ride, but if you have little ones under 42″ you will need a stand-by person.
Picture from CamelBeach Website
  • The Vortex-this is a single rider slide and you must be at least 48″ to ride
Picture from CamelBeach Website
  • Last but not least, the Kahuna Lagoon Wave Pool-another water park staple, but everyone can enjoy and the waves were awesome!!

    kahuna lagoon.jpg
    CamelBeach Website


FUN FACT: In the winter the water park is filled with barrels and board to cover it with snow for skiing!!!

I really would have liked to try the indoor water park, but you have to be staying at the resort to enjoy.  Who knows, maybe next time we will stay at the resort!