The Duke


I’m not sure how this little rascal made it here, but boy I am sure glad he did. This little dude (and little is an understatement) is like no child I have ever met in my life.  He TRULY marches to his own beat.

I have the privilege of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM), to him Monday-Friday, and it is like parenting for the first time with him.  With him, NONE of the rules apply. All of my previous experience in parenting is useless.  EVERYTHING in the world of parenting tips is a joke as far as he is concerned. He challenges me to levels I never even knew existed! Although, I absolutely love it and wouldn’t trade a moment of his persistent, OCD, stubborn ways in for the world!

This face is sincerely, my sunshine on a rainy day, puts a smile on my face when I didn’t think I had anything to smile about, makes me laugh when I need it most, and amazes me with how intelligent he is on a daily basis.

Despite putting me over the edge being my fourth child, I wouldn’t trade him in for all the riches around…I mean, who else is going to sing an “ABC”, “I Love You” duet with me?!

I promise you this section will be full of laughs, surprises and amazement! I introduce to you, The Duke aka The Bud!


Breastfeeding in Public

This is a hot topic with much debate on both ends for and against.

Personally, I can never understand WHY other people feel so entitled to have ANY SAY in what a mother (or father) does or doesn’t do with THEIR CHILD.

Unless, I’m clearly hurting my child in any way that is against the law, please leave me be.

I breastfeed (bf) my Duke. He’s 18 months now. I feed him every and anywhere he NEEDS to be fed, just like any caring mother would.

What I can’t seem to grasp my finger on, is why STRANGERS feel they have some authority to tell me I should use a cover because THEY ARE OFFENDED OR DON’T WANT TO SEE “THAT”.

I have a solution to your problems STRANGER.  You have a few options.  Pick which ever suits your needs.

1. Take this blanket/cover and cover YOURSELF up while you eat, and you won’t have to see a thing.




5. PAY MY BILLS before you feel you have the right to make request from me TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER.

I think I’m going to make a card to pass out the next time someone stares or comments…

My Toddler Failed His…

At 18 months, what could you possibly fail?!

According to The Duke’s father…a routine PHYSICAL!  I had dad take him to his 18 month check up.  He came home a little concerned and said, “I think my son failed his physical.”

I’m a veteran at physical appointments and was looking at him VERY CONFUSED…and asked what happened?

Heres the recap..

Dad: She asked if he could say at least 5-10 words?
Me: Well…
Dad:I said, “uhhhhhh….no”
Dad:She asked if he could run.
Me: What did you say?
Dad: Welllllll……nope.
Dad: It’s more of a fast walk in my opinion. Then she asked if he could walk up the steps holding my
Me: Well…
Dad. I told her nope. He tries, but since he’s so short, he has to lift his leg to his face to do it.
Me: That should have been, yes, just because he’s short and its difficult is not a reason to say no.
Dad: Then she asked if he eats well.
Me: I know he flunked that questions, he barely eats anything except me!
Dad: She asked if he could feed himself with a spoon, and I said not really…he tries.
Me: Yes he can, you feed him once a week so of course you don’t know!
Dad: He also got a Hep B shot.
Me: Ummm, no that can’t be right he’s had all those shots are you sure?! (me paranoid)
Dad: That’s what they told me…let me check….(after reviewing the paperwork)…oh it was a Hep A.
Me: Did he gain any weight or grow? (my son is seriously underweight and under height).
Dad: Yeah he’s 19 inches and 19 pounds
Me: (SERIOUS CONFUSED FACE)….(go check online myself)…his head is 19, he’s 27.6 inches tall!
Me: You are so fired. I knew I should have taken him myself.

The Duke and Daddy at the end of the Failed Physical Day

After that, I came to the conclusion, dad is off of doctor appointment duty.  He made my baby look seriously delayed.  I also learned moms and dads totally interpret those questions asked by the PCP differently.  Afterwards all we could do was laugh.

Toddler Tantrums!

All of a sudden out of NO WHERE, my baby boy has learned to throw a FULL BLOWN TANTRUM!

How could this face be so menacing?

He literally throws himself back, bust his head on WHATEVER is in close proximity of his head. Next, he flip flops and rolls around on the floor like he is trying to put a fire out.  Then the icing on the cake is the screaming bloody murder making my ear drums ring.

He LITERALLY rolled from the couch, to the floor, through the living room, to THERE..CRYING!

My tactic typically would be to ignore him, however, I’m afraid he’s going to hurt himself banging his head on everything.  One night he threw himself off the bed and did a black flip on the floor.  SCARING THE HOLY CRAP OUT OF ME!  I just knew he had a spinal injury (4 kids later you’d think I’d be immune to this).  One time while in the tub, he went into a fit and darn near drowned himself fighting me trying to save him.

This type of nonsense is totally new to me.  I NEVER experienced this with my other three to this degree.  I feel like buying him a helmet and letting him go for it!

However I have come up with another plan.

1. For safety, I immediately grab him and place in his crib or bouncer chair for safety…he can only do but so much damage to himself.

2. I never say one word to him while he is going through his motions and I’m transporting him to his safe haven.

3. Once he is in his safe location, I tell him when he is done crying I will come back and get him and we can play or read a book.

4. Once he stops crying, I go get him and thank him for calming down.

I just started this process and hope after a few rounds he gets the point, because I REFUSE to be THAT PARENT out in public with THAT CHILD for a LONG TIME!

Let’s face it, we all get a dose of embarrassment with toddlers!


Potty Training Failure!

My Duke is 18 months now.  He’s very smart, but very stubborn.  This boy does not do ANYTHING until he is GOOD AND READY.

I am partly to blame for his stubbornness, but he gets it honest on both ends.  When I say my son borderlines concern with reaching milestones….it’s an understatement.  He didn’t crawl until he was 9 months, walk until he was 17 months, and he still refuses to talk and eat table food.  Again, he’s 18 MONTHS!  All he wants is his ba-ba (boob), and a snack.

With the exception of my oldest son, my other children were potty trained by 18 months.  NO pull-ups or pampers whatsoever.  My oldest was almost there until a winter stay with his father’s family set him back.

So naturally, I figured baby number 4 must follow suit…..NOT!!!!!!

Knowing he was a little….patient with milestones, I cut him some slack and gave him a few extra months to get started.  My first problem was finding underpants to fit him. My child is a runt! He is so small, he’s not even on the growth chart for his age.

Despite this, I still brought a potty, and the smallest undies and rubber pants I could find.

Guess what he did with the potty….

HE SAT…for about 5 seconds…
THEN he began planning his escape…
Then he felt he could use it as a drum, stool to hit the light (that he still can’t reach), and a pedi spa!
Needless to say, that potty is collecting dust, because one thing I learned about The Duke; he’s NOT doing anything until HE IS READY!
How old was your little when you first started potty training?

Baby Eczema Remedy

My Duke and Princess both have TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD SKIN (and allergies)! Ironicially, they are the 2 of 4 out of my litter that I breastfed.  Both of them are allergic to eggs, milk and a host of other environmental substances and animals.


When winter hits, their skin gets so dry and itchy that it is painful to look at.

It only gets this bad for the baby when he stays overnight with his grandma. I’m not by any means calling her a bad mimi.  She just don’t have the same products at her house for him that I have.  A day without mommy’s remedy can prove detrimental to their skin.

Their skin feels like rough, bumpy sandpaper. My princess develop patches of dry skin behind her knees, in her elbow crease, inner thighs, bum, and back.


The duke gets red itchy patches on his chest, belly, and bum.  The moment his clothes and diaper are removed he goes into a scratching frenzy! Sometimes he looks like he’s been attacked by a cat.

1. When their skin gets to the BAD phase.  My first go-to remedy is Aveeno Oatmeal Bath.  I let them soak in this for at least 30 minutes neck to toe.


2. IMMEDIATELY after bathing, I pull out my 3 secret weapons.  Johnson and Johnson Oatmeal Lotion.  This is mainly used for fragrance.  It helps that is has oatmeal in it as well.  However, ultimately I just want my babies to smell like babies.

3. Weapon number 2 is good ole Vaseline. It don’t have to be brand name the generic or dollar store brand works just as well.  This is the sealant of moisture.

4. The last secret weapon is Aveeno Eczema Lotion. This lotion is not cheap, so don’t let your children use it unmonitored.  You can find it at BJ’s or Sams Club for discount.

Depending on the size of you child, you take half and half of the Vaseline and Aveeno lotion and a squirt of the Johnson for smell.  Rub them all together until you have a paste and apply to baby/child entire body and put on nightclothes.  Sometimes I do this twice a day, when their skin is really bad.  A few nights of this, and the eczema will be at bay!
Oh, if you’re child’s eczema is as bad as my children, then you probably will have a prescription of hydrocortisone that you want to ultimately apply before everything else!