Baby Eczema Remedy

My Duke and Princess both have TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD SKIN (and allergies)! Ironicially, they are the 2 of 4 out of my litter that I breastfed.  Both of them are allergic to eggs, milk and a host of other environmental substances and animals.


When winter hits, their skin gets so dry and itchy that it is painful to look at.

It only gets this bad for the baby when he stays overnight with his grandma. I’m not by any means calling her a bad mimi.  She just don’t have the same products at her house for him that I have.  A day without mommy’s remedy can prove detrimental to their skin.

Their skin feels like rough, bumpy sandpaper. My princess develop patches of dry skin behind her knees, in her elbow crease, inner thighs, bum, and back.


The duke gets red itchy patches on his chest, belly, and bum.  The moment his clothes and diaper are removed he goes into a scratching frenzy! Sometimes he looks like he’s been attacked by a cat.

1. When their skin gets to the BAD phase.  My first go-to remedy is Aveeno Oatmeal Bath.  I let them soak in this for at least 30 minutes neck to toe.


2. IMMEDIATELY after bathing, I pull out my 3 secret weapons.  Johnson and Johnson Oatmeal Lotion.  This is mainly used for fragrance.  It helps that is has oatmeal in it as well.  However, ultimately I just want my babies to smell like babies.

3. Weapon number 2 is good ole Vaseline. It don’t have to be brand name the generic or dollar store brand works just as well.  This is the sealant of moisture.

4. The last secret weapon is Aveeno Eczema Lotion. This lotion is not cheap, so don’t let your children use it unmonitored.  You can find it at BJ’s or Sams Club for discount.

Depending on the size of you child, you take half and half of the Vaseline and Aveeno lotion and a squirt of the Johnson for smell.  Rub them all together until you have a paste and apply to baby/child entire body and put on nightclothes.  Sometimes I do this twice a day, when their skin is really bad.  A few nights of this, and the eczema will be at bay!
Oh, if you’re child’s eczema is as bad as my children, then you probably will have a prescription of hydrocortisone that you want to ultimately apply before everything else!

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