My Favorite Place To Breastfeed is….

My little rascal is 18 months now, and I “STILL” breastfeed him.  Anyone who has breastfed past one understand, the “still”.

However that’s neither here or there.  This is about our favorite boo-boo spot.  THE TUB….
The gaze of L-O-V-E
Once my baby’s umbilical cord fall off, he or she is in the tub with me, every night.

With my last 2 children I chose to breastfeed. Having multiple children, I learned to never let a moment of time go to waste if I could be multitasking.  So I began nursing in the tub.

 At first it was out of pure convenience and time constraints.  However, I began to fall in love with the moment.

I enjoyed how relaxed my babies got in the warm water.  Their eyes gazed at me while drifting in and out of sleep.  The skin to skin contact settling them even more.  The moment of one on one time without any interruptions (which is harder and harder the more children you have).  Memories that will be embedded in my heart forever.

The home run of it all is when I finally got them out the tub they would go to sleep effortlessly.

Anyone who has not tried nursing while bathing, I suggest you give it whirl!

Where is you favorite place to nurse? Leave a Comment!

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