Why Do Girls Talk SOOO Much??

My home is composed of 3 boys and 1 girl…THANK GOD!

I ALWAYS wanted a daughter, and I had this “vision” of what she would be like.  Well my daughter is EVERYTHING I EVER IMAGINED, and MORE!


The “MORE” seems to be the problem.  My daughter’s verbal skills are beyond her years! She was fluent in English holding, FULL CONVERSATIONS by 18 months.  So much so at an eye doctor appointment, the doctor talked to me for an half an hour about how well her language skills were….as if I didn’t know.
See the problem with this, is she’s TOO SMART mentally, and with her mouth.  Theres no pulling the wool over her head, she uses words beyond her years, and she at times even corrects ME, when scolding her.  How you ask?
The Prince: Mom she keep kicking me!
Me: Keep your hands to yourself! Would you like if I put my hands on you?!

Her: Actually, I never laid a hand on him, I kicked him…that’s my foot not my hand.


This is a MINOR occurrence of how reckless her mouth can get.  To go along with this mouth, there is a temper.  When things don’t go her way, she’s like a VOLCANO!
She literally EXPLODES and turns into a Tasmanian Devil.  When sent to her room, she will tear her room apart, throwing, breaking, screaming and yelling.  The funniest part about her meltdowns is her rambling.  She holds full fledge conversations with herself about how she don’t understand why she could possibly be being punished.  I really want to record one, for the future when her KARMA BITES HER IN THE….

While I got the tantrums under control.  The things that come out of her mouth are a bit harder to control.  Her brain and mouth moves so fast, I don’t think she truly understands what is coming out of her mouth.  Everyday literally gets worse and worse.  I’m beginning to think I should have a serious bail money stash put to the side.

The worst feedback I get from everyone who has daughters is, “Oh you ain’t seen NOTHING YET!”


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