Keep Your Baby From Crying While Flying By…

The first time I flew with my son, I never really paid much attention to the faces passengers made when I boarded the plane with him.  Maybe it was because I was going to Orlando, and it was several other children aboard.  Maybe, I just did not care. Who knows!


I was still concerned with him screaming and hollering, or being the baby that gets you all
the “looks” when you board the plane.  Luckily, he was pretty much behaved his first flight.
Well, this trip to Vegas, was a totally different story!  I swear if I didn’t know any better I had a sign on my forehead that read, “I HAVE A BOMB DON’T MOVE,” because the looks of shear terror across everyone face when I got on the plane, was pure priceless. The relief on everyone’s face when I passed their seat was even funnier!  However, the face of the “LUCKY” person who won the FIVE HOUR SEAT across the country with my son and I was just pure comedy!

Despite everyone’s fear, my son was an excellent baby considering!  He did NOT CRY at ALL, and everyone praised him when we landed both trips!

Here were the things that kept him occupied for 5 hours

1. The PHONE: He loves electronics and pushing buttons, so that kept him entertained for a good 40 minutes, along with playing candy crush with me.

2. SELFIES! He loves seeing himself and taking pictures, so we had a mini photo shoot that lasted for about 30-40 minutes

3. IPAD: Dad took the initiative to recored his favorite sprout shows, and he watched them for about an hour or so.

4. The BOO-BOO: Breastfeeding never came in more handy! Whenever he got restless or irritable he would simply nurse and go back to being a pleasant little boy

5. The WINDOW SEAT: He enjoyed looking out the window, and more importantly opening and closing the window. I swear this kept him busy for over an hour!

6. TIMING: Try to plan flights early in the morning, late at night, or around baby’s bed time.  If they can sleep the majority of the trip, it will make your life that much easier.

7. SNACKS: We were sure to pack his favorite snacks to keep him occupied and some juice in a sippy cup.

I also made sure I changed his diaper right before boarding the plane, and boarded LAST! I did not want him on the plane any longer than he needed to be.

My son also is a very hot temperature baby so I would suggest dressing baby in layers to be able to keep him or her comfortable.  I literally stripped my son down to his onesie and socks for maximum comfort.

I think each time we fly we both get better and better at it!

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