My Toddler Failed His…

At 18 months, what could you possibly fail?!

According to The Duke’s father…a routine PHYSICAL!  I had dad take him to his 18 month check up.  He came home a little concerned and said, “I think my son failed his physical.”

I’m a veteran at physical appointments and was looking at him VERY CONFUSED…and asked what happened?

Heres the recap..

Dad: She asked if he could say at least 5-10 words?
Me: Well…
Dad:I said, “uhhhhhh….no”
Dad:She asked if he could run.
Me: What did you say?
Dad: Welllllll……nope.
Dad: It’s more of a fast walk in my opinion. Then she asked if he could walk up the steps holding my
Me: Well…
Dad. I told her nope. He tries, but since he’s so short, he has to lift his leg to his face to do it.
Me: That should have been, yes, just because he’s short and its difficult is not a reason to say no.
Dad: Then she asked if he eats well.
Me: I know he flunked that questions, he barely eats anything except me!
Dad: She asked if he could feed himself with a spoon, and I said not really…he tries.
Me: Yes he can, you feed him once a week so of course you don’t know!
Dad: He also got a Hep B shot.
Me: Ummm, no that can’t be right he’s had all those shots are you sure?! (me paranoid)
Dad: That’s what they told me…let me check….(after reviewing the paperwork)…oh it was a Hep A.
Me: Did he gain any weight or grow? (my son is seriously underweight and under height).
Dad: Yeah he’s 19 inches and 19 pounds
Me: (SERIOUS CONFUSED FACE)….(go check online myself)…his head is 19, he’s 27.6 inches tall!
Me: You are so fired. I knew I should have taken him myself.

The Duke and Daddy at the end of the Failed Physical Day

After that, I came to the conclusion, dad is off of doctor appointment duty.  He made my baby look seriously delayed.  I also learned moms and dads totally interpret those questions asked by the PCP differently.  Afterwards all we could do was laugh.

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