Mastitis, Breastfeeding Woes!

I have been missing for a bit of a while since the delivery of my Duke, but tonight is the first night he has been out of my care and I have to thank a little condition called Mastits (inflammation of the breast).  I don’t remember my labor being as bad as this Mastitis!

It’s Supper Time!

While I was finally getting the hang of things, cooking, cleaning, rearing children, washing clothes etc, it just hit me like a 18 wheeler-truck….chills, body aches, headache, fever, fatigue, just pure MISERY!!!!!

THANKFULLY, my postpartum visit was the next morning, and yes I was diagnosed with Mastitis, which I would have sworn was the flu.  My doctor sent me home with some antibiotics, nystatin (root cause was my son’s thrush) and told me  I’d feel better in 24 hours.  Well here it is 48 hours and I have every symptom except my fever is not as high.  So here are some tips for signs and symptoms on this woe of motherhood.


  • Pain in the breasts (one or both)
  • Redness or streak of red in the breasts (one or both)
  • Fever greater than 101F or higher
  • Flu like symptoms (chills, body ache, fatigue….basically CRAP)
  • Sometimes pus or blood in breast milk (thankfully didn’t have this)


  •  If you suspect you are suffering from a Mastits seek medical attention
  • Typically you are given antibiotics 
  • Told to take Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen
  • Use warm compresses to the breast
  • Rest
  • Engorgement
  • Blocked Duct
  • Organisms(bacteria) from having cracked nipples (definitely had this and my son had thrush)

All I can say is I wouldn’t wish how I felt in the last 72 hours on my worst enemy! I hope no one has to experience this woe of motherhood.  However if you do, get family to help with caring for the baby because you WILL NEED IT!

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