Must Haves For Moms On The Go!

Having 4 kids, and ALWAYS on the go, I sometimes literally have to dash out the door at a moments notice! With an infant, this can prove very difficult.  However, I think I finally have mastered the task!!!!

First, my son’s diaper bag, almost NEVER leave my car unless it needs to be restocked. I like the “book-bag” style bags, because I can sling it on my back and carry my baby in his wrap at the same time.  They also are not so obvious that it’s a diaper bag, and day can use it too.
Second, I have the Bundle Me in his carseat which eliminates the need for having to take time to put a coat/snowsuit (which can prove to be very time consuming).


Lastly, my zip and go outfit!  I absolutely LOVE the one piece sweatsuit outfits for baby!  First my son HATES to wear clothes, so he usually has on a onesie in the house.  This past week he was sick, and I had to beg, plead and barter with his pediatrician’s office to give me a sick appointment versus going to the emergency department.  Well they did, but I had 30 minutes to get him there, and the office is 20 minutes away and I was blocks away from home and baby!


Guess who made it on the DOT??? Me, and I like to thank my 3 steps, especially the outfit, for getting me there.  The other plus to this outfit, is when you’re at the doctor’s office. They make you take everything off baby, and with only a zip outfit and a onesie, I was following the nurse out the room, instead of her waiting for me to undress baby.  She (who was pregnant) was impressed!

As I was writing this post, I was inspired to do the same for the princess who takes FOREVER and a day to get dressed after gymnastics. (Drumroll)….Well I found the solution from Gap Kids that will work all season (see pic below)!  For spring/summer you can wear a denim jacket with flip flops, crocs or moccasins.  Winter/fall throw some Uggs and a hoodie on! YES!!! She can test my patience now if she want to in that stinky, sweaty, feet smelling gymnastics gym!  “You have 2 minutes to get dressed or I’m leaving!” (That’s the speech she’s going to get from now on!)


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