The Lost "Middle" Child

My prince is what I feel is my “lost” child.  He is such a good boy, (as long as food is not involved), that I strongly feel I overlook him.  It’s like he flies under the radar.  My oldest son literally SUCKS EVERYTHING I have to offer four children leaving crumbs for his siblings to fight over.

My Prince

Having this epiphany, I must say I have tried to do more things with just him.  Shine the light on him, and reward him for being the “good lost” child.

It just kills me to see this, and have very little control over it due to the demands of my oldest.  I feel like he’s being sacrificed.  To make matters worse, I’m horrible with the things he find interesting, but I’ve been doing my best to engage and show interest.

There are times where I see this look of looniness in his eyes, and I feel helpless and at fault.  I wonder are my efforts and realization too late?  What could I have done differently to avoid this?

All I can do is hope and pray that I fill his void.

Has anyone else ever felt this way or noticed this?

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