My Baby Has Food Allergies at 4 MONTHS!

While this is not a new experience for me, it is a frustrating one.  Since my baby boy was little, I was concerned if he was having a reaction to the string cheese I could not stop eating  postpartum.  However, the craving went, and the concern went with it.

Then 4 months came and the new milestone of introducing foods was here.  My Duke’s bedtime schedule is eat, bath, play, bed.  Once we got to bath, I noticed on several occasions from his neck on down, he would be RED, itching, crying, and sometimes have whelps on him!  So I of course stopped the foods causing the reaction (EVERYTHING) and mentioned it at the next well-baby visit.

The Nurse Practitioner who I absolutely LOVE, recommended going to home-made organic baby foods……well that did NOT go over well with the Duke or ME! He did not like the flavors, and still continued to break out, and I did NOT like the process!

Next we went to the allergist, who I was NOT to fond of either.  Against my better judgement, I saw a different doctor than the one who treats my princess. After a bunch of questions,  the doctor concluded his allergy had to be from my diet alone, and tested him for soy, milk, egg, wheat, nuts etc.  The results concluded….

Well here was the doctor’s treatment plan
  • Mom avoid EVERYTHING with eggs and milk or
  • STOP BREASTFEEDING and give him formula
  • Follow up in 6 months
I was looking at him like 0_o, “did he say stop breastfeeding???”  Yes, I understand he has to give me the options, but he made it seem like it was just that easy.  Try telling my son no more “boo-boos”!  
I’m very grateful I’ve been through this with my daughter and know how to treat outbreaks, because he offered NONE!

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