Sleepy Wrap vs. Moby Wrap

To be equipped to deal with my youngest two children in the home and in public, I wear what I call “My Second Bra” a Sleepy Wrap.  I refer to it as my second bra, because it’s strapped to my chest like a bra supporting my dangling child, and I DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT (otherwise I’m asking for trouble)!

The SLEEPY WRAP at work!


When I first purchased my Sleepy Wrap, (which is now made by Boba) it was out of desperation of having a high maintenance little girl who DEMANDED my attention every second she was awake.

I needed a way to get household tasks accomplished all while keeping her satisfied.  Therefore I looked into a baby carrier….being the anal person I am when purchasing something, I looked up MULTIPLE ones, (back carriers, front carriers, slings, wraps etc.) and decided on a wrap.
The two that made the final cut was the Sleepy Wrap and the Moby Wrap.  After reading several reviews, the Sleepy Wrap was said to be made with better quality material, and felt more secure when holding the baby. So that’s what I decided on.
Let me tell you, I was never happier with my purchase!  It took a few attempts to learn how to secure it to my body, but once I did, my life was completely changed!  I could cook (with her on my back), clean, USE TWO HANDS to do things, and so much more.  I no longer was hemmed up with holding her all day, and feeling so unaccomplished for not getting things done.
I love this wrap because
  1. It’s comfortable
  2. It evenly distributes the weight of the child so one shoulder, or my back is not hurting
  3. It breathes and allows for air to circulate
  4. The quality, stretch and durability of the material is AWESOME
  5. It allows me to keep my baby close and still get things done
So lets fast forward 4 1/2 years, and 2 babies latter…guess who is STILL using the SAME SLEEPY WRAP, and I’m just as satisfied!  After my daughter outgrew the wrap, i gave it to my cousin, and THEN, after her daughter outgrew it she gave it back to me, and it’s like it never left my care.
Despite multiple use, washes, owners and years, this wrap has held it’s value and purpose in my life.  I had a friend come over who purchased the Moby Wrap, and she AND HER HUSBAND, were impressed with the quality of the material and the fact that it was almost 5 years old.  Needless to say, they returned their Moby Wrap to purchase a sleepy wrap.

While I mentioned this wrap is now being called Boba, you can still purchase the original at  I promise you will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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