Childhood Memories

As I watch my children interact daily and do simple things like eat cereal, do homework, play outside, I find myself reminiscing on my childhood.  In comparing the two, it just amazed me how “little things”, that meant a great deal to me as a kid, is extinct in my children’s childhood.

I’m going to take you down my childhood memory lane….

  • Ladies, remember being in the house and hearing those ropes hit the ground from a distance (tick, tack, tick, tack), and without even looking, you knew double dutch was being played.  Then you hear the famous..”Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around..
  • Who remembers catching lightening bugs and putting them in a jar to watch them light up?  I can’t even remember the last time I saw a lightening bug!
  • I know you remember fighting with your brother or sister over who’s going to get the prize from the cereal box!  Now you have to enter a code from the box online…blah blah blah
  • If you read my other blog post streetlights  then you already about what I’m talking about!
  • OH, for a WHILE, I kept buying my oldest son “BOOK COVERS” for his books, but after a couple years of them just lying around I got the hint!
  • To piggyback on number 5, how about having your back CAVE IN from having a book bag packed with books??? (My son has ONE book he brings home!).
  • PLAYGROUNDS???? They did NOT EXIST, we MADE UP games to play, or played TAG, KICKBALL, RACED!!!! 
  • I remember the boys big thing was FLIPPING! Flipping off and out of anything raised off the ground..trees, roofs, old mattress sidewalks and the list goes.
Coming up with this list was oh so bitter sweet….my boyfriend and I was up on the phone to 3 in the morning (he was traveling for work) reminiscing about these memories from our childhood.
Oh how time changes….I wondering what will be extinct from the next generation’s childhood, and how modernization will take over from living the “Simple Life”.
Please share if you have any other memories…

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