Why Do Older Siblings Corrupt the Youngings??

Why do the little ones pick up the absolute WORST HABITS from their siblings?!

As if dealing with it with the first child isn’t enough, it’s like a virus running through the house…for YEARS! Every child following them picks up the trait and makes it their own.

Can’t relate to what I’m talking about??? Well let me give you a few examples:

Exhibit A:  When my boys were smaller, they would take baths and not use soap.  (Guess you can’t call that a bath).  As the princess grew older, I’m sure she has overheard the yelling and screaming associated with them wasting my water!  She would take a bath after their alleged bath, and politely report theres not any soap to wash up with, exposing all those who went before her.  WELL now she’s pulling the SAME OL TRICKS!

Tonight I asked her if she took her bath, and she replied yes, and then I asked did you wash up with soap, and she replies, “Oh, I forgot.” REALLY….YOU FORGOT SOAP!!!  Just amazes me!

Exhibit B:  My boys are messy, dirty, and disgusting (as mother nature intended).  They don’t flush the toilet after number 1 or 2, they leave dirty clothes EVERY AND ANYWHERE, and for some God Forsaken Reason, they mix their clean clothes with the dirty clothes!  My princess was once a very meticulous little girl and dotted her “i” and crossed her “t”.  WELP, NOW, she blends in with the tribe…walks in leave shoes, book bag, lunch box in the Foyer, don’t flush the toilet, dirty clothes in the bathroom after bath time…and the list goes on.

All I can say is, I can’t WAIT TO RETURN THE FAVOR…Vengeance will be mine in my old age! I plan to personally spend 3 months at each one of their homes and mimicking their nasty habits! I actually look forward to it!

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