5 Rules For Cooking With Kids

Unbeknownst to my children, I HATE COOKING! However, I love the results, especially when they are helping me.  Never fails when I get in the kitchen, 1 of 4 will ask to help out…the baby even crawls around and hoovers.

I found myself always telling them no because
1. I hate cooking
2. I just want to get it done and over with
3. The mess they are going to make will make me have to do even more cleaning (I despise dishwashing just as much).

After watching one of them walk away with the sad puppy dog look, I said, “Self, all they want is to spend time with you.  Take the time, cherish the time, and be grateful they want to be with you.”
So the next morning I set time aside to cook breakfast with my little ones and guess what??


It was fun being able to incorporate a way for the smaller ones to help me with a task I care nothing for.  It made me laugh, smile, and find joy in something I loathed.  I now take the time to cook with each child at least once a week (it’s also a way to give them one-to-one mommy time).

My 5 Rules for Cooking with Kids

1. Simple Recipes
2. Breakfast is best (you’re at your best and fresh with maximum patience)
3. Have Fun and Be Prepared for a mess
4. Prepare for imperfections
5. Find a way to incorporate all age groups

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