The Shoe Diva

“How many shoes does one little girl need?!” asked my husband!

That is the question…Let’s find out (in my Tootsie Roll Owl Voice)…Uh 1..Uh 2…ALOT!

Last evening the hubby made note that I buy the princess more shoes than the 3 boys.  Well guess what??? I FREAKING DO, and here’s why!

1. It’s a law woman (and their mini me’s) are to have more shoes than their counterparts.  I have to start her off young understanding the power of a fierce shoe.

2.  I can get her 2 or 3 shoes  for the price of ONE pair of shoes for the older two boys.

Joyfolie has the BEST BOOTS and SHOES!

3. The baby boys REFUSE to wear shoes!  I brought him shoes, and I SWEAR he took them off and HID THEM, because I found them under the couch…he’s only ONE!

See the lack of shoes in tis picture at the PARK?

4. Little girl shoes are so STINKING CUTE, and I can’t refuse! (yes I have a shopping problem as well).

Some of The Princess’s Fall shoes from 2013 (Joyfolie)

5. My daughter is grateful for ANY SHOE that comes through the house….my BOYS, not so much, so I don’t bother!  As I’m typing this I’m wearing a pair of shoes that my prince didn’t want!

I loves this Maci by Joyfolie so much, I brought it 2 years in a row!

With all that being said, fellas please know us women will put you out of a closet for the sake of shoes, and we learn this when we are young.  Therefore BE PREPARED (in my scar voice from Lion King).

Anyone have anything to add?? Check out my diva and her shoe fetish by following us on Instagram @ zizah_the_diva or the Facebook page!

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