Rapunzel For A Daughter? Tips To Manage Long Hair

At birth, my daughter, had a nice amount of hair, and due to Religious reasons on the 7th day it was ALL CUT OFF.

Shortly after the first cut

For the next year and a half, all I had to do was put a headband in her hair and go! Then one day her hair started to grow, and grow, and grow, until now its at the top of her bum.

Around One

GREAT! Most moms think.  However, when you are the mom who has to manage and style the hair…well, that 7th day haircut making a comeback don’t seem like a bad idea!

About 2 years old

She cries, screams, yells, squirms, twist, turn to the point where I’ll let her go days without her hair being done to avoid the drama.  The irony of it all is, I remember being pure judgmental and in utter disgust when I would see little girls with long hair looking a MESS!  However, now that shoe is on my foot, I would like to apologize for my judgmental ways because I now UNDERSTAND!

Around 3 Years

My daughter has curly hair, and she gets to wear it out maybe once a month just to breath.

After the breather, a good ol fashioned BUN BUN is our best friend!  With “messy buns” being in style, I can get at least 3 days without having to touch her hair.  Then I’d split it into 2 buns! Guess what? Another 3 more days!

All the other days, I braid her hair and leave it in for 2 weeks.  I REFUSE, I repeat REFUSE to get up in the mornings and do her hair! I’d rather shave her bald!  Her braids with beads on the end are my saving grace.  The downfall of my go-to hair do is….IT FREAKING MAKES HER HAIR GROW!!!

4 years

3 Products I highly recommend for those days when I actually have to touch a comb to her head, would be

1. Mixed Chicks hair products (especially the conditioner) are the BEST for making hair tangle FREE after washing and bringing life to natural curls

2. A detangling spray is an absolute MUST HAVE.  Otherwise, it’s like having PB&J without the PB.

3. Wide Tooth Comb is the last key to the puzzle.  The teeth on any other comb would require dentures, because the teeth never last!

Thanks for hearing my Rant and feeling my pain…What do you do to manage your daughter’s hair?


5 years Old (Shoot ME)


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