Middle Children..

My middle son is AMAZING!

He’s the best big brother any sibling could dream of (when you’re under 5)!

He’s the biggest helper a mom could ever ask for.

He is an extremely super duper athlete (that may be famous one day)

He does excellent in school and rarely gives me a problem.

He has the sweetest heart and is always thinking of others.

He has a great work ethics always willing to earn his keep.

With all these amazing qualities, and being such a low key dude, I feel I don’t focus on him enough because he’s SOO GOOD!

My oldest son and my 2 little ones DEMAND attention in some form or fashion.  While my Prince, just go with the flow.

It has to suck to be the middle child.  He never complains, never fuss, and never argues…he just goes with the flow.

He’s never offered “deals” like a Xbox One or a Playstation 4 if he gets A’s and B’s on his report card, because he always do.

There should be a middle child club, because I’m sure there are things they experience no one but them could ever understand

I love him so much, for being the one who help keep me sane. He will be rewarded in life!

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