The New 2015 Cinderella Movie is……


Listen people, if you haven’t seen this movie, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, seen a book brought to life in this manner.

Here’s a Preview If You Missed It!

There was no detail spared with making this movie.  The scenery, the props, the WARDROBE was to DIE FOR, and the ACTORS and ACTRESSES were FLAWLESS!

I was watching this movie as if I never read or of heard of Cinderella…that’s how engaging it was.  I was captivated by every word they spoke and breath they took.

I know this movie was great because my 5-year-old who ALWAYS TALK DURING MOVIES, was speechless, tuned in, with her mouth gaped open.  

Now let me get back to this wardrobe.. I love 19th century clothing style. It had so much character, detail, sexiness, and elegance.  The velvets, the lace, the brass buttons, thin waistlines…I could go on and on!  (clutches pearls and passes out)

It was said in an article written by the The Globe and Mail there were over 10,000 Swaroski crystals on the Cinderella dress! Bling Bling! 

Lady Tremaine (the evil step-mother) her dresses were just FABULOUS, delicate lace, olive greens, bright yellows, fitted and trimmed, with hats and veils that would make a church woman lose her MIND!!!


Now the EYE CANDY! Woo-wee-BABY! Prince Charming was an absolute joy to watch…those, eyes, his frame, his voice, his passion…man oh man! He too looked awesome in his costumes! I never knew a man in tights could make my legs weak!

Even the foot men outfits were Stunning, the royal blue coats with the brass buttons, made me want a replica for my son to wear! I couldn’t find a picture of the coat, but go watch the movie and you’ll see for yourself!

Lastly the acting….was priceless.  Whoever casted for this movie, deserves a raise! EVERYONE WAS STUPENDOUS! If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought Ella and the Prince were lovers in real life! They were beyond believable! Those two made that love story and fairytale ending THEIR OWN! I swear they had to have experienced that type of love drama in their life. They had me with every gasp they took when they touched, and the way they looked into each other’s eyes….pure storybook!

I definitely want this on DVD and NEED TO SEE it again in IMAX.  If you don’t believe me about how awesome a movie this is, please go check it out!

Oh, and in no way was I compensated for writing this, these are TRULY my own opinions and feelings! 

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