it a really a job?

I read an article by a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) that was shared over 11,000.  In brief, she went on to say, she felt it wasn’t a job (as many SAHM claim), but a privilege.  By definition, she is right, it’s not a job. While I didn’t really agree with her tone, choice of words and opinion of SAHM per say, I did understand what she was attempting to say.

This picture is from a WELL NEEDED ME DAY!

I’m not an exclusive SAHM, I do work Saturday and Sunday as a RN 6 days a month.  The rest of the days, I’m manning 4 of my off-spring.  When I am working, and explain to my patients I only work Sat/Sun if they need to reach me…., they always ask, “YOU ONLY WORK 2 DAYS?!” I say, “Yes, I have 4 children, one of which is 1 year old that I stay home with during the week.”

IMMEDIATELY, almost everyone men included say, “OH, no wonder, you already have a full-time job!” My patient population is usually 65 and older, so they know the ins and out of what it takes rearing children.

I agree with them.  What I do Monday-Friday is WAAAAAAAAAAY MORE “WORK” than what I get paid to do on the weekend.  There are days I actually do look forward to going to work to get a “break”, and I like to consider this NORMAL.

However would I classify my role as a mother as a job, I would say no.  For me, a job is not something permeant, its temporary work in which you get paid for.  I like to look at being a mother as my CAREER.

I will have this role for the duration of my life, no matter where I go in life. It will always be with me. It was something I aspired to be, and I spend everyday of my life perfecting it.  It’s rewarding and makes me feel like I have made a positive contribution to society at the end of everyday.

Having the privilege of being the main influence in my children’s lives is an honor everyone is not afforded in life, and for that I am grateful.

However, I always say being a mom is hard work, but striving to be the “Best Mom” you can be is by far the hardest thing I know I will ever do in my life.  There are no manuals for raising kids through all the different developmental stages they go through.  It’s a learn as you go role, with a little bit of advice from here, there, and past experiences.  The more you do it the better you get (if you are striving to be better).

There are days where I wonder, “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING HAVING FOUR KIDS?!” This is because being a mom you NEVER GET A BREAK mentally, physically or spiritually.  Everyone knows what it feels like to work without having a vacation in a long while, and I’ll  leave it at that.

Then there are moments like now, as I’m typing this, where my baby just comes over grabs my hand from the computer, wrap my arm around him, lay his head on my shoulder, leans over and gives me the biggest, “Mmmmm Muah!” That act of unconditional love takes my breath away.  One moment like this makes every sacrifice worthwhile.

While in any given day I may be a:

1. Waitress
2. Chef
3. Referee
4. Laundry manger
5. Doctor
6. Nurse
7. Butler
8. Cheerleader
9. Hairdresser
10. Wardrobe CEO
11. Personal Shopper
12. Hygiene Management and Inspector
13. Chauffer
14. Coach
15. Sports Practice Partner
16. Teacher
17. School Project CEO
18. Lifeguard
19. Event Planner Specialist (Birthdays, Vacations, Outings)
20. Janitor
21. Mrs. Fix-It
22. Confidant
23. Errand Runner
24. Maid
25. Child Care Provider

I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  This is a role I chose to take, and I plan to be the best at it.  Despite what others may believe about SAHM or any mom , what we do is Priceless.  Being responsible for a human being who came WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS, WARNINGS, OR RETURN POLICY, and molding them into a functional productive member of society, is tough stuff.

I don’t know about other mothers but given the choice, I’d rather be the one waking my children up, taking them to school, being the one to pick them up and ask how their day was (while it’s fresh), eat dinner with, help with homework, take to practice, and tuck in at night.  This to me is priceless and before you know it (so my patients tell me), they are grown living on their own.


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