Dominican Republic vs Chicago

Within the past 3 weeks I have been to Punta Cana and Chicago.  The difference 2 weeks makes in a pregnancy is unbelievable!  I  had the time of my life in DR relaxing, swimming, at the beach, walking the different resorts, enjoying the food.  Came home feeling like a new woman.  The following week, my boyfriend and I went to Chicago and took 2 of my 3 children by flight, and I just wanted to die.  I worked that weekend 12 hour shifts, stayed up Sunday due to our flight leaving early Monday, arrived in Chicago, slept a few hours on an old sofa, transferred to my boyfriend’s Aunt house where we shared a twin bed that had to be as old as I was, and woke up the next morning feeling like I was literally going to die!  You name it, it was aching.  I don’t know if it was the hormones, sleep deprivation, but I was literally crying like a big baby in front of his family (secretly) because all I wanted to do was go home.  I was missing my oldest son, who is the hardest son of my 3 children, like crazy and was just ready to go insane!  Thankfully, we ended up in an hotel the next night, where I thought I would finally get some decent sleep and guess what….at 3:30am, I hear a knock on the door, FIVE of his family members who drove to Chicago decided to stay in our hotel room til the mooring.  Snoring then flooded my room, and sleep yet again was inevitable, leading to another day of misery.  By the end of this vacation, I decided I am no longer going to work, and plan to spend the rest of my summer in the house, go out for short infrequent outings to keep my children entertained.

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