Pre-Term Labor Begins

Yesterday I had my prenatal appt, and was sent to L&D for monitoring.  Quite honestly, I would have been okay with going home and taking a nap, but my Dr sent me with a lab, so I really had no choice.  Four kids later, I know my body, and knew this was not the real deal, ti was a case of a summer cold mixed with a little dehydration equating to increased contractions.   I spent the better half of my day in their, begging to go home.  They let me go, put me on modified bed-rest.  However, with this man, that’s a joke.  Today, I took my son to camp, grocery shopped, baby shower shopped, visited my mother, came home cooked dinner, and cleaned a little before I left this am.  He is really pathetic when it comes to being supportive in this pregnancy, and no matter how I try to express this to him, it’s like speaking to a brick wall.  Last night after coming home from the hospital, all I asked him to do was take a bath and hold me so I could go to sleep, and he told me he was tired, went to sleep, while I sat up for another two hours in pain, tossing and turning, sneezing and coughing, until I broke down and took NyQuil to put me out of my misery.  I wanted zoo bad to pour water on him, but I won’t let anyone anger me to that point.  Needless to say, we are not on speaking terms, and he’ll just have to deal with the silent treatment, which he hates more than anything.

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