Good Night Sleep Aid While Pregnant

Now that I am in my 3rd trimester, my back has been really bothering me, and sleep is near impossible. The back pain and sleepless nights began around 18-20 weeks, so I decided to invest in a body pillow.  I read multiple reviews before deciding on the Leacho Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow.  I’m going to give a quick run-down of my experience with it….PURE BLISS!  The most common cons I read about this pillow was the seam being too tight and pushing into your neck when you lie on it, and no covers.  Initially, I did not understand the seam issue, but to break it down, when you lay in the contour of the pillow it digs into your neck and really is not comfortable at all.  A quick easy and comfortable fix to this, is to get a micro-fiber blanket and lay it over the pillow, promise problem solved.  Not only does the blanket provide relief from the seams, it also is soft and comfortable, and protects the ivory cover from getting dirty.  The lack of covers in a variety of colors and patterns almost deterred me from my purchase, but I’m glad I went wit it.  The pillow cradles your every new curve and baby bump as well alleviating all pressure, and pain from the moment you rest in it.  My initial thought after a good night sleep in this pillow was, “I see why babies love their boppy pillow.”  Another great feature of this pillow is you can fold it in half and use it to sit in while lounging on the couch.  My only other complaint with this pillow besides the two mentioned is the fact I can’t cuddle with hubby at night….only room for one 😦 (and my 3 year old who still sneaks in to cuddle in the middle of night). In conclusion I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this pillow to a pregnant woman suffering from back pain and restless nights looking to put an end to their pain and misery.

 My 3 year old enjoying her nap in the pillow, you can also see the blanket laid overtop as mentioned.

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