The Wait Game at The Doctor’s Office

While I absolutely love my OB Dr. Vanguri, I just as much HATE her inconsideration of my time with my SCHEDULED appointments!  Something about waiting in a doctor’s office for 45 minutes or more with no update, no knowledge of the wait time when checking, and the chronic offenses that just boils my blood!  I feel it is absurd for a physician to be able to charge me late fees, or cancel my appointments if I’m 15 minutes late, but then have the audacity to have me wait with no compensation.  Picture me walking in 1 hour late and offer up an, “I’m sorry I’m late”, and see them reschedule me faster than my head can spin.

I have 3 children who go to Orthopedics, Allergist, ENT, Audiology, Opthamalogy, Behavioral Health, Developmental Medicine, Dentist, and Primary Care Appointments, and I NEVER experience this inconsideration, not even with my own PCP and specialist I have to see!

Well today, I wrote my OB a very nice letter about my feelings about her tardiness, and even included some suggestions to better serve her clients from other offices I’ve visited.  I also did some researched and learned that some patients have even billed their doctors office with some success of payment for the tardiness.  In my research, I learned individuals have developed software and phone apps to allow patients to check in to see what the wait time is before even heading out.

Enough of my rant, I do have some tips for avoiding what seems to be my fate of the waiting game

1. Schedule the first appointment in the morning, or the first appointment after lunch
2. Call ahead before leaving the house and check to see if the doctor is on time
3. Before checking-in ask if the doctor is on schedule or running behind and a time frame to be seen
4. Write a letter expressing your dissatisfaction as well as offer ways of improvement
5. Reschedule your appointment with another doctor if it’s a practice
6. Try billing your doctor for your wages as they do you
7. Change your doctor if the situation persist

If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to comment!

Has anyone seen this sign????

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