Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Review

Having a high maintenance little one, I have purchased just about EVERY moving, noise making, rocking, cradling, swinging baby item there is.  To help decide what was good fit for my baby boy, I had to read NUMEROUS REVIEWS!  Thus I wanted to share my experience with the items I purchased and own.

The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

Assembly: Very quick and easy took about 5 minutes tops.  Simply pull the tabs through the holes to secure the mat, pop the piano into the legs, and the legs into the base, hang your toys and you are ready.  It came with batteries.
Price:  I almost NEVER pay retail.  I paid around $30 on Amazon.  Buy Buy Baby and Babies R us is selling it for about $45. I’d suggest shopping around, and looking up for coupons before purchase, or signing up for buy buy baby website for a 20% coupon.
Quality: I like the quality, the toys are very stimulating to all the senses for baby, and it comes with quite a few hanging toys to alternate and change out to keep baby entertained.
Use:  So the good thing about this, is you can use it in a variety of ways.  The baby can simply lie there and play with the hanging toys.  Sometimes the piano would overstimulate my son when he was lying down, ane would just cry.
You can have the piano on so when baby kicks it makes note sounds and sings a tune.
You can rotate the piano to a traditional piano and have baby bang and play on it.

You also can hook the toys on the mat and use it along with the toys for tummy time.

Review and Stars: I’d give this toy 5 stars for the following reasons
1. It’s very versatile, and I can change it to so many different styles to keep my son entertained
2. It’s great quality for the price
3. The company was very generous with the hanging toys for stimulation
4. It was very easy to assemble
5. My son absolutely LOVES IT!  In my pictures you will see things surrounding hime because he is a little wobbly with sitting but insists, so in case humpty dumpty has a great fall…. he has cushion.!

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