Days Off From School For My Family Are….


Most people are inconvenienced when their children have days off from school.

Whelp not me!  For I have the best of both worlds!  My kids not having school means 5 GREAT THINGS TO ME!

1. I GET TO SLEEP IN (running around doing a happy dance)

2. I get to spend some quality time with my kids (cooking breakfast, making a craft or just cuddling on the couch watching tv.)

3. The “SCHOOL BUS” is parked and that saves money and gas.  None of my children have every ridden a school bus, I have transported each and every one of them to school in different districts, to different schools (as many as 3) for over 10 years now!

4. I eat WAY WAY WAY better…shoot I EAT PERIOD! When I cook for my kids, I’m very mindful of including fruits and veggies, and I make sure I/we cook 3 meals that day, therefore the likelihood of me skipping a meal is absent.

5. My diva gets to dress down!  She loves getting girly and has such limits when she wears a uniform everyday.

With that in mind, I’m looking forward to our next sleep in day off from school!

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