No Cable in My House!

Here are the two reasons I chose to go my separate way with cable companies

1. Price- First, I do not even like to watch TV, nor do I have the time.  Every time the bill would come, I would really get annoyed with paying for something I (the bill-payer) do not use.  I sat down and realized I could save about $1200 a year on something I do not use.  In my house we use Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Internet etc, for entertainment for a fraction of the price.  
2. My Kids- Seeing kids just sit in front of a TV gaining no educational value, and just watching some of the shows that peaked their interest drove me mad.  I’m all about education in my house, and if you are not bettering yourself, then I seriously have a problem with it.  I read a book about the famous Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and how the mother cut TV down to 2 shows a week and replaced that time with reading and writing and it further reinforced my theory.  Her two boys became the doctor mentioned and an Engineer, and they really began thriving in school.  (Good  movie to watch, better book to read if anyone is interested).
My kids adapted quickly and became very innovative in getting to their “shows” without the price of TV on the weekends.  During the week there is absolutely no TV or video games in my house.  My children do homework, read, play sports, chores and or go OUTSIDE (that thing we did before cable and video games) and play with their friends.  


My daughter watching her “shows” on the ipad.

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