Yoga while Pregnant #yoga #pregnancy

First, let me clear one thing up, exercise is not my thing.  I took yoga as an elective college course (thinking it would be easy).  Also, I signed up for this before finding out I was expecting and it was too late to drop the class.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share my experience, because I truly got more out of it than I expected.

This was a 7 week course and it was a form of “warm” yoga (hot and warm really is not recommended during pregnancy), but like I said already signed up and I figured I’d at least give it a try.  My instructor was OBSESSED with yoga, almost in a border line overboard kind of way, but all-in-all, she turned out to be a great instructor.

What I got out of this class was a holistic cleansing after leaving every class.  We would do journaling daily which helped us cleanse our spirits and minds (very therapeutic).  I craved healthier foods, and WATER (I hate drinking water with a passion fyi).  I even lost weight (I was gaining at a very unhealthy weight due to my progesterone shots).  The positions were very relaxing and helped stretch my body making me really relaxed at the end of class.  Now caution their are certain positions not recommended during pregnancy, my  instructor being as experienced as she was knew and gave me modifications.  Although there are yoga classes designed specifically for expectant moms.  I think the most important position I learned was the cat position, for it really gets the baby off your back and alleviates back pain instantly, and if you get your SO to rub your back while in the position, I  promise you’ll fall asleep or be immensely relaxed and pain free when rolling over to your side.

I really wish my schedule would’ve allowed for me to attend the prenatal classes I attempted to sign up for after my class ended.  I truly believe I wouldn’t feel as bad as I do now, but who knows, everything goes downhill after 30!  Anyway, if you are looking for a way to stay in shape, fit, and holistically sane while pregnant and your body is up to it, I would definitely recommend trying a prenatal yoga class!

My yoga set-up!

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